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One of the finest coupes in history

A Coup of History is the act of a group or person attempting to replace every mentioning of something with epic lulz.

The basic philosophy of the technique is that a radical group will want change in their world. Thus they orchestrate a team to alter the very perception of a word or phrase or meaning by instantaneous replacement.


Query: How Could Anyone Fall For It?[edit]

Have you ever read something, but remembered it differently when you saw it the day before? But not wanted to tell anyone incase they thought you were crazy? Well, that's the most successful outcome of a Coup of History. Like if a fucktard tries to replace All Your Base Are Belong To Us with All of your bases belong to us, shoot their fucking head with a Rocket-Propelled Chains. If no one speaks up, then the deed is already done.

I Can't Remember My Password[edit]

The horrible realisation that you can't remember your goddamn password is believed to be the work of a secret group known as the Wordsnatchers. The belief is that they constantly and secretly alter people's passwords to the benign word "password". If you ever encounter an error in logging into something, always attempt the password "password".

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