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July 13, 2020 at 22:08The Crabâ„¢ computer is Apple Computer's future successor to the Macintosh. This computer is scheduled to be released in 2010, however, a prototype was invented as of late 2005.

Hardware that comes with this computer[edit]

  • This computer has no CD-ROM drive, however it will utilize secure digital slots for data storage.
  • Has a 2 terabyte hard drive (double the amount that commercially available PCs have as of 2005)
  • 10 USB ports
  • Wireless mouse
  • 3-D Holographic monitor

This product has yet to revolutionize schools, offices, and lameass households with bulky computer systems.

Future spinoffs planned[edit]

CrabTop laptop[edit]

The CrabTop laptop will be released in 2012 or maybe earlier if the Crab computer sells like wildfire. Maybe it will include pyrotechnic graphics if it sells that fast.

The CrabTop will be built to withstand shock while being transported in a backpack when riding on a bike, this way bicyclists in the future will have a GPS navigator with them.