Crankypants Satan

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Crankypants Satan is thinking up another way to ruin your day.


Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Tamia?

“Even Crankypants Satan is out of diapers/nappies, whereas Tamia is not”

Crankypants Satan is a costume worn by babies.

History of Crankypants Satan[edit]

To make fun of the Christians, the non-Christians made their toddlers dress up in a Satan costume. The costume was unpopular in the Middle Ages. They became popular again in 2001. They got the name Crankypants Satan in 2003.

Effects of Crankypants Satan[edit]

Crankypants Satan makes toddlers convert to Satanism. A recent pole found out that the ratio of Christians to Satanists has changed from 19:1 in 2007 to 17:3 in 2017.