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A kind of supercomputer made of mathematically minded crayfish. Crayfish live within the computer in a specialised watertank containing all the nutrients they require to live and crunch really big numbers which they do using their special number-crunching claws.

Crayfish are superb typists due to the number of limbs they possess and some are capable of speeds in excess of 400 words per minute.

Key to Image[edit]

See main text body for key. See fishmonger if feeling a bit peckish.
  1. Auxilary Power Supply 120v @60Hz
  2. Pocket (Front) - Refrigerated storage space for a can of refreshing Mountain Dew and Pocket (Rear) - Storage space for smokes or alternatively a pack of cards.
  3. Keyboard Operating Unit 1 - 8.
  4. Number-crunching claw.
  5. Dude, that's its ass.
  6. Tentacles - ideal for raping Japanese schoolgirls.