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“The only "Chan" we know is Jackie Chan.”

~ China on Crayon Shin-Chan

“We cannot let our kids watch such vulgarity, nuidity, shamelessness, profanity and sex-related themes as it is against our culture and tradition; although our actual culture is Kamasutra and Tantric sex.”

~ India on Crayon Shin-Chan

“Crayon Shin-Chan is the name of a boy called Shin who writes with Crayons and is NOT the son of Jackie Chan.”

~ Captain Obvious on Crayon Shin-Chan

“If I could be like Shin-Chan in my childhood....”

~ Oscar Wilde on Crayon Shin-Chan

“Pika-pika chu~n? Pika-chu~n-chu~n cha~n. Chu~n cha~n.”

~ Pikachu on Crayon Shin-Chan

Crayon Shin-Chan(Japanese:クレヨンしんちゃん) is a Japanese anime and manga series written by the late Yoshito Usui, who fell off from Mount Arafune on September 2009 as he was obsessed with mountain climbing. The series is about a 5 year old perverted boy named Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his family. Shin's favourite pasttime is doing the ass dance and the elephant dance(i.e. shaking his penis by assuming it to be an elephant's trunk). The show also includes a lot of transsexual persons, who make a guest appearance in all the Shin Chan movies. The show has a lot of perverted and sexual stuff,reflecting Japan's hentai culture, and countries like India have charged it for profanity, nuidity, vulgarity and child perversion and it had subsequently banned as it was "inappropriate" for Indian kids. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular shows worldwide.

The Nohara family[edit]

Shinnosuke Nohara[edit]

The main protagonist of the series.Often called as the "potato headed boy". His IQ is unknown. He loves to spit out green peppers in the sink or toilet. He loves to watch hot babes with large breasts, long legs and wearing mini-skirts. Often can be seen holding tightly the long leg of a girl and feeling perverted.Likes to get naked,anytime. Can be seen shaking his ass and "elephant". He was once jailed for child perversion, but was able to escape from jail as his body size was smaller than the spaces between the bars of the prison. He likes to insult others, especially his mother,whom he calls as "flat-chested lady", "kidnapper old hag", "fat old monster", "tripple-bellied hag", "old lady who tales a nap", and other countless dialogues. He calls his father a "stinky pervert", "drunken old-brute",etc. He always gets confused with words and misspells them, especially the words of english (which is also the problem with most Japanese). Since the series started in 1992, his age is 5 years till date.(probably due to stunted groeth or malnutrition).

Misae Nohara[edit]

The very fortunate mother of a perverted child. She is 29 years old, but hides her age and tells that she is 24. She is described as a tightwad and miser lady having a flat chest and a big ass. She always takes a nap in the entire afternoon and wakes up to cook after her son has arrived from school. She is also attracted by handsome men and dreams of them at night, though she is married.(Like son, like mother.) But she enjoys beating her husband when he sees a beautiful girl. Taking of beating, she likes to beat Shin Chan,especially on his head. Her attacks include noogies, a pow on the head and thrusting her huge ass on shin's face. Her neighbours feel that she is more dangerous than serial killers, shooters, terrorists and female rapists. She has a bicycle, which she uses to reduce her weight.

Hiroshi Nohara[edit]

The perverted father of a perverted son. He always dreams of female hotties and wants to have a nice time with them; but always ends up getting beaten by his wife. But he still tries his luck whenever any babe is in sight. He has a stinky feet, which is a running gag of the show. His socks smell even worser than a baby's poo-stained diaper. He was once jailed for spreading stinkiness in the city. His beard is very hard, due to which once mitsy had left him. His leg is covered with hair. He drinks beer everynight and is thus a symbol of alcoholism. Every sunday, he goes out for golfing. His motto of life is "To be a man you must have honour and a peeenis".

Himawari Nohara[edit]

The very sexy sister of shin who is 0 years and 9 months old. Like her mother, gets attracted by young handsome males. Gets attracted by shining objects like necklaces, gold, "elephants", and other sparkling stuff. She is exactly like her brother, except the gender.She has a huge smile, and her name is in the Guiness Book of world records for the largest smile. She was charged for marriage swindling in the 2003 movie called "The yakiniku Road of Honour". She lately became a whore. In the 2012 movie called "The space Princess", she became a princess of an alien planet.

SHIRO Nohara[edit]

Well, shiro is a dog. In USA he is called whitey, to distinguish him from blackies, which shows how racism in America hasn't even spared dogs. He is the most intelligent member of the family. He likes to scratch his crotch, a special training by his master shin. He was once accused for rash and drunken driving. He gets attracted by sexy bitches on the street, whose masters are equally sexy babes who are being attracted by the perverted boy himself. This dog can roll himself into a cotton candy floss.

Special characters[edit]

Action Kamen[edit]

Although the word "kamen" translates to "mask" in Japanese, the American version calls him action bastard, probably because maximum bastards can be found in America only. Coming back to the description of this masked guy, he is the favourite super hero of shin chan.He defeats enemies with his bastard beam, bastard belt, and action kick. He also uses his long and strong rod (not that kind of "rod", you pervert) to kill enemies.

Buri buri zaemon[edit]

Well, he is not a "mon" like Pokemon, Digimon, or Doraemon. He is a warrior pig, who has a sword on his back. He is also a kinda pervert, but is also very greedy and selfish. Asks for 100million yen after the work is done. He lives inside a lamp like a genie, and comes out when shin chan rubs it. He is actually of no help.

Kantam Robot[edit]

A typical japanese anime robot, though smaller in size. His kantam punch would make his enemies lose all their 32 teeth and one nose. He flies, like most robots do.


Due to copyright claim by TV Asahi corporation and Shin-Ei animation, the episodes are deleted from this website. Sorry, suckers!!

Shin-Chan in other countries[edit]

The Americas[edit]

It is dubbed in the language of Georgie Bushy, Barack Obahama, Jessie-car-Alba and Parmela And-her-son. An "americanized" version with each and every dialogue related to sex. Even American Pie would bow in front of this show. It is shown as an adult gag show on adult swim. It is rated mature, and thus immature people, or people who think to be mature but are actually immature (like you) would be arrested if seen watching. It has references to American pop culture. It is translated by funny-mate-ion studios.


The crappiest translation of all. It heavily censored and made into a childish show not even suitable for infants. Scenes where even a single flesh of the body is exposed, is deleted. Girls wearing bikinis are too deleted. The episodes scenes are chopped like pieces of meat. It is very ironic that in the land where kamasutra and tantra originated, there is too much censorship, even on animated shows.


It is named as la-bi-xiao-shin , le-shu-he-who, ping-pong-ding-dong, ching-shing-ling-king, hu-tu-tu-lu, ho-chi-mihn-cihn, long-gong-young-wrong and in several other dialects of the chinese language.


There are 20 movies, which will really make you get moved. They all have one theme- stupid perverted comedy, with a bit of emotion.

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