Cream of Sum Yun Gai

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Cream of Sum Yun Gai is a traditional Chinese sauce used as a condiment for seafood. The cream originates in the windswept steppes of Lower East Side Mongolia. The cream is still made from yak's milk. Although in Mongolia the sauce is not typically used on seafood. In Mongolia, the sauce is used to flavor rump roast and the local delicacy beef cake.

Introduction to China[edit]

The sauce was introduced to China by the ancient gourmet Suk Lon Wang. In China, most people were grossed out by the use of the creamy, salty sauce on beef. Emperor Tang noted "I really dislike this sausage sauce!" Wang needed a better dish to serve with the creamy sauce. He was from Shanghai and thus had ready access to seafood. He decided to serve some of his seafood dishes with the sauce.

Traditional dishes[edit]

Dishes traditionally served with the sauce include Bearded Clam and Browned Starfish. More progressive chefs have mixed their regional entrees and served the sauce on Fish Tacos, a Mexican dish.

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