Creature Creation Agencies

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The Creature Creation Agency is an evil ploy to take over the world (isnt that always the way) The head of this outfit is Jack Black. To cover up the operations that his outfit carries out the Heads of State have allowed Mr Black to use the false company name 'Creature Creation Agency'

Claims Made By The CCA[edit]

The company claims to create animals for the consumer. It says that it has underground research facilities that can make an animal to any specification with in the hour. It breeds animals to make hybrids for comercial use, like Oxfox. An Ox bred with a Fox to create a clever Ox that is capable of planning a route around a farm for the most efficient use of ploughing time.


They are funded by the sale of the cleaning sensation Pictures

How You Can Stop Them[edit]

You can send 14p to the government to stop them, or you could sit and do nothing, its up too you really. But i assure you, they WILL take over.