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History: Crew was invented in the glorious 50's by naked greek pioneers. As a sport of champions, most people are jealous of crews achievements, such as advancing from 4 to 8 naked men rowing togeher in a humping motion. Crew developed into a sport today that is much more sivalized. Men now wear spandex and women wear camel toes.

Camel Toes: Camel Toes are a improtant part of crew, and considered a fundamental for all aspiring rowers.

The "A" boat: The varsity boat the captians row in and the underlings watch in amazment/despair/boners. Usually way better than all the other boats as far as quality but definately not penis size.

The Lightwieghts: By far the bitchiest rowers, force themselves to throw up to lose wieght like teen girls in high school. Not nearly as attractive as vomit inducing high school girls.

The "D" "last boat" "dream boat": The place where the champions live. This boat never wins, but has more memories than medels can ever contribute. Ususally the largest genitals.

Cox's: Nobody like these short freaks, but they do contibute with endless bitching and a river of a mestrual flow.

Ergs: Faced with a 2K or gas chambers, most jews took the gas. These devices ivented by the huns and perfected by vampire nazi's who hate jesus are for punishing people. When forced to erg for sleeping with a dog, Zeus died after finishing a amazing 50000000000000k. Thus ended the greeks strong grip on rowing naked, a blow to gay marriage activists all over Massachusets. (Ironically Boston houses many crew teams.) When considering this, Russia's infastructure collasped, and thats how we won the cold war.