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Crick and Watson in character for a promotional shot for the show

Crick and Watson, fictional TV crime-fighting duo from the seventies and eighties.

They were famous for their bright blue Austin Allegro with a white stripe up the side, notoriously bad hair and inability to drive round corners. The detective storylines from their inexplicably named series, 'Double Helix', usually involved meetings with a pimp who was also their always reliable informant, Hawking Bear.


'Double Helix' emerged out of the little-known Mormon colony, Hollywood. The only TV and film to come from Hollywood before the series was cerebral, art-house cinema. Once, it produced a Pay-TV series that secretly sought to teach us all the folly of possessions by tricking us into paying for thinking it would reveal a grand theological or philosophical idea and never did. This was the series that 'Lost' is accused of plagiarizing.

The Series[edit]

During the production and since the end of the show, everyone who worked on set hated the actors who played Crick and Watson. They seemed to believe 'Double Helix' was their creation when they only turned up on set once in a while. Extras had to fill in for their backs and limbs. The Director was most annoyed saying once, "It's like having your colleagues write a scientific paper for you and you get all the glory". And they did get glory, both actors won Golden Globes for their acting, not even acknowledging the work of their body-doubles who were the ones actually in the clips shown as they walked up to the podium.

The Aftermath[edit]

Production on the incomplete eighth series ended when the Executive producer told newspapers that neither of the stars appeared in series seven. However, the show was considered a huge leap forward and its stars are generally thought to be the genii behind it. For a while it meant Hollywood had enough clout in the world of film and TV production to produce two more of each.

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