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Croato-serbia_flag.jpeg RealMario.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Super Mario YAHOOOOOOOO!
Anthem: Super Mario Bros 3 Overworld Theme
Croato-Serbia map.JPG
Capital Belgreb
Largest city Zagrad
Official language(s) Croato-Serbian
Government Super Mario goverment
National Hero(es) Super Mario
Currency Mushroom Dinar
Religion Mario Orthodox Church

“The day man understands Croato-Serbia and it's inhabitants is the day man shrinks to the size of a pin, grows purple hair and eats hamburgers with a tongue that is actually a snake”

~ Ancient Japanese Proverb

“The day that this is page is deleted will be the day that... uh... well actually it will be tomorrow. This page sucks.”

~ ChiefJusticeDS, Uncyclopedia Admin

“The war of Independence is over! We are Independent! HOOORAY!”

~ Croato-Serbian nationalist

“The Mushroom Dinar is less worthless than before by 5%!”

~ Croato-Serbian Minister of Economy and Turnips

The Hrvatsko-Srbija Republic of Croato-Serbo-Bosnian-Montenegrin-Macedonian Mushroom Kingdom of Cro-Serbia (located somewhere in a mutilated map of South America) is a province of nowhere. The country is ruled by a civilsation of Toads, who worship their god Mario.


Croato-Serbia is very large, but quite small. It is mostly mountainous but there are few beautiful little valleys with butterflies and all that type of crap. Their capital city is located in the mid North-West-South of the central region of the left portion of the West province, surrounded by a massive lake guarded by fire breathing underwater dragons. That said, they can't breathe fire because they live in water. Only bubbles come out.


An average Croato-Serbian woman.

The people are mix of Toads, Serbs and Croats so expect Bad sinchronisations on TV. 70% are Croato-Serbs and 30% are Serbo-Croats. All are toads - I think. Or maybe they're all Serbs, and some have pet toads. Who knows. There are 200 000.512 people in this province and declining fast due to overdoses of cocaine in the younger Toads, who are proud drug addicts. So far a record of ten Toad children attended school in a single day - the greatest since the nine child attendance extravaganza of '72. This is probably the reason few Toad children know what 2 + 2 is, except for child genius Luigi Einstein VII, who can work out what two times six is in only five seconds!

Croato-Serbian History[edit]

Once, there was nowhere. It was nowhere that a lost colony of Toads settled there in the blissful year of 2010. They started to call themselfs Croato-Serbs, and soon developed a highly sofisticated government system. Then one of them found a game starring a fat plumber who fights cannon balls with mouths tied to chains on the ground. His name was Mario. From then on, well, let's just say that they liked Mario a bit TOO much. Their Coat of Arms was his face. In their national anthem every second line contained his name, and is sung to the tune of the Mario Theme Song. And I bet you can't guess their national hero. No, you can't.

In 2011 there was a revolt of racist Serbo-Croats against the Croato-Serbs. Terrorist bombings, forcing people to eat vegemite, farting and going on holidays to Chile followed. It was a horrible time, and during that horrible time most of the Serbo-Croat population diminished. Some escaped to the nearby province of Uncyclopedialand and wrote this article. Sadly, it was huffed so I had to recreate it.

See Serbian History

Wars with Serbo-Croatia[edit]

Croato-Serbian Helicopter F-3.

One of the Greatest Wars is Serbo-Croatia vs. Croato-Serbia war. 1554 were lost in the forest.6666 were on a vacation to Chile,and even worse,7777 were in vacation to Albania. This resulted in more mass homicide, and the invention of atom bomb, which Croato-Serbia used on the English for no particular reason at all.

They started to export The instrument of doom after WWIII


Mario. Mario. More Mario. Mario. Mario. Mario. Mario Mario Mario Mario. And more Mario. Oh, and they like cabbage. Cabbage is nice.

They also play banjos to their babies every midnight, thinking it will prevent nappy accidents.

An average Croato-Serbian drug dealer (Not copied from "An average Croato-Serbian woman")

Capital City[edit]

Their capital city is Belgreb. It was built by the Eternals a mellenium before and happened to appear before the first pioneering toads were found Croato-Serbia. Coincidentally, it was shaped as Mario's head. It is divided into 3 sections: Croato-Serbs, Serbo-Croats and Aussies. The Aussies were imigrants who arrived on the 2nd fleet. It was going for Australia but missed and hit Croato-Serbia.

Anyway, at the center of the city lies a tunnel. And beyond it lies the greatest Temple-Shrine every built. It is amazing in architecture, stunning to behold, and it is dedicated to (can you guess?) Mario.


Did I mention they have an obsession with Mario...?

An Unimportant Croat-Serbian Notice This article will be deleted soon. That's not such a bad thing, because it sucks, it's just that it holds the life support together for Croato-Serbia. In other words, if it's deleted, then everyone in Croato-Serbia will be dead, destroyed, killed, mutilated, vanished, tortured, mashed, eaten, f***ed and utterly completely gone anotehr holiday to Chile. This article is their only hope. So if you know ANYTHING about Croato-Serbia then add it - the fate of this goddamn weird province is in your greasy hands!

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