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What is "Crowd"

1. a large number of persons gathered closely together; throng: a crowd of angry people.

2. any large number of persons.

3. any group or set of persons with something in common: The restaurant attracts a theater crowd.

4. audience; attendance: Opening night drew a good crowd.

5. a large number of things gathered or considered together.

No.. Really what is "crowd"

1. Crowd is a large number of persons gathered closely together which their intelligence degrade following this equation : "Intelligence of a single person inside the crowd" / "Number of people in the crowd" = "Intelligence of a single person in the crowd" The more people there is in the crowd, the more stupid it becomes.

2. Any large number of persons which commit really stupid acts because a person decided so in the group... And everyone follows. Example : #1 "Hey why wouldn't I break that glass over here?"

  1. 2 "Hey did that guy just break that glass over there? HELL I'LL DO THE SAME!"
  2. 569 ""Hey did that guy just break that glass over there? HELL I'LL DO THE SAME!"

3. Any group or set of persons with something in common like pants. Really, I do like people that wear the same pants as I. :)

4. audience; attendance: Opening night drew a good crowd. "If I say so, everybody say so, as long as they are in a crowd"

5. a large number of things gathered or considered together. "If we're talking about humans, that's pretty lame"

Crowd history

Crowd existed since the beginning of time, and they haven't changed yet. Remember the good old crowd, those sinister humans that loved to regroup to see people die in front of them, suspended by a rope. Why was it so good to see? Because there was so many people assisting to this charade, that their intelligence had been reduced to the primitive function : instinct. What does instinct tell us when someone is bad? Kill it. It's simple.

It was also very popular before in Rome : The gladiators. To be honest, alone I wouldn't really like to see two or more persons like me battling for their lives... But as long as there are people around me, it becomes really funny and my only desire is to scream so I can make noises like the guy next to me.

Today, crowd are still as stupid as they were before and even more! Fashions became even more important. What is fashions if not a group of unintelligent people that aren't able to choose their own priority. As long as there are many people that are like me, there's no problem about doing what I am doing. Everybody has sex! Why shouldn't I? Everybody wear "Nike" shoes, hell tomorrow, I,m going to the store, and I'll buy a pair!

Crowd history didn't change at all, and will never, as long as humans are gonna last on earth. This isn't going to take a long time since then.

Crowd reactions

Crowd sometimes reacts really weirdly. Think about it. If something scares a crowd to death like a flaming basement, what are they going to do? They're going to run wherever the crowd goes, just like animals fleeing a predator. They'd all go to the same damn place, to be sure to never be able to get out. They'd be all stuck in front of a door trying to pass the first, which would make it really harder to get out. People don't think when too many other humans are around them. They just follow the crowd wherever it goes, even if they just jump down the bridge to their death. :)

Where can I find some crowd?

Well, crowd can be found everywhere, just look around you, and you'll see. Walk into a metro station, drive your car at Montreal at 6:30 AM, enter any dance club, any shopping malls. But there is a place where crowd becomes really dangerous. The boxing day... "Dear god, forgive me for my sin". That's what I would think before entering any shop at the boxing day. People are crazy! They would do anything to save money! "50% off" - "Buy 1, get 2!". These are words that lure crowd, and make the people in it even more stupid, waiting in front of the market to open their doors, and then, watch out! People run in there to be first to buy, they would go as far as to walk on other people just to do that.

Factors that degrade people's intelligence in a crowd.

That's not only about the number of people in the crowd that makes a difference on people's intelligence. There are other factors that differs that. I can't state them all but here are some :

1. Motivations (Save money, get an autograph, be the first... etc.)

2. Personality (Some people are easier to influence than others)

3. Location (Restaurants, metro station, traffic, it may be easier to get angry in different locations)

4. The people around you (If people around you look like you, you'll want to follow them)

5. The stress (If you are stressed, what would you give to let another guy the chance to decide?)

6. Bananas.

Are there any cure for intelligence's degradation in a crowd?

The only thing you need is a clear mind to be invincible to this disease, don't stress... It's useless. If a crowd is close to you, just be sure to not be surrounded by the people inside of it. The connection won't be made to your brain if so, and you'll keep all you mind intact from the degradation. You can also try the fetus position, let the people around you pass through.

Witnesses of crowd stupidity

Bob - "I once been in a crowd, and without knowing why, I screamed like the others"

Stefanie - "When I'm in a crowd, all I want to do is to dance! YAY! ^^"

Jo - "I went at the boxing day once... I came out of there with two broken bones"

Igor - "Someday I was in a building which was in fire, people ran wherever the crowd went... And it wasn't the exit's direction"

Simple plan's member - "Why does solitary persons hate us?"

Tom cruise - "Everybody once saw me, so everybody likes me, even if I'm not good at all"