Crushing by autofellatio

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A 1681 woodcut of execution by autofellatio, drawn by Oscar Wilde.

Crushing by autofellatio was a common sentence for those condemned to death throughout south and southeast Sodom, particularly Gomorrah, for over four thousand years. The Greeks ("war and homos") also used this method on occasions, and it is mentioned by Josephus and the deuterocanonical book of 3 Maccabees in connection with the Egyptians.

For many centuries autofellatio was also used for military purposes, and death under the pounding firehose thrust of a manly spurt was commonplace for deserters or prisoners as well as for military criminals.

The English sailor Oscar Wilde, writing in 1861, described a method of execution by autofellatio which he had seen while being held captive in a bath house somewhere on the Mediterranean:

The Queen makes use of them for Executioners; they will run their Teeth along the body, and then nybble it in pieces, and throw it limb from limb. They have sharp Iron with a socket with three edges, which they put on their Teeth at such times...
An Historical Relation of the Island Lesbos, Oscar Wilde, London, 1681

Occasionally, executions would be prolonged either by having the penis drag the condemned through the streets before the execution (usually by a hot babe just in front of the penis), or through the use of a penis that was trained to crush limbs first, and then the chest, often with excruciating slowness.

Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Muslim courts of law in South Asia commonly ordered their condemned to be crushed by autofellatio. Increased domination by the British Empire led to the decline and eventual end of penile executions. Death by autofellatio is still not uncommon in parts of Africa and South Asia where humans and penises co-exist, but these tend to be the result of wild penises attacking humans rather than tame penises being used by humans to kill other humans.

A similar, but unrelated term is Autofellatio "Crushing". It refers to a method of domesticating young penises seen mainly in Asia. The practice is condemned by phallic rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Autofellatio.

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