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Cryptology can refer to many levels of information security regarding any type of communication. NSA asserts that cryptanalysis of today's most secretive, advanced and intricate codes focuses on profession, social class, geography, or geopolitics of the message originator. Familialarity with X-Files or the writings of Douglas Adams or Dan Brown has been shown not to be a factor.

Use of codes in communications between men and women[edit]

Many think that 95% of codemaking and codebreaking involves personal communication between males and females and bisexuals (a.k.a. george bush and condoleeza rice). However, ad hoc anthropolgy has shown that whether between mates, potential mates, immediate family members, co-workers or friends, intergender communication is always smooth and misunderstandings are rare. Conflicting paradigms, you realize your wife/husband is a bigtime homoor the just plain fucking up of a romantic situation seldom result. Whenever men and women communicate with each other- one-on-one, in groups, verbally, with kinesics, or in writing- they usually make little attempt to conceal anything from one another. While involuntary or subconscious coding may happen, it is mostly due to hardcore pornography .

Ciphers and high technology[edit]

Since the GNU revolution, any software worth anything has been created for free use by everyone. Technological codes served nations well during World War II, but now programmers cannot keep anything secret from each other for long, as much as they'd like to protect "national interest". Ever since the Cold War ended, the US hasn't had many serious enemies or threats to which to speak. Well, okay. There was that one thing with that guy.

Krypto was Superman's Dog, that is where the term comes from, the dog was very hard to read.


Cryptologists are people with white shirts, blue ties, and large circular glasses (spectacles) that should have been abandoned in the eighties. They are also the kind of people you find writing random articles on here late at night when they realise they're lives have ceased to have meaning. The author of this section may study cryptography.

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