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Cubase is a freeware piece of entertainment software developed by the joint software and hardware company H20. The companies slogan 'Try before you buy' implies that it's best to try and find a piece of software illegally as warez before you innevitably buy it.

It has a number of interesting features including support for importing old NES tunes and exporting them as equally bad low bitrate mp3 files. It also has support for a number of other audio formats including JPEG and GIF. It also has built in lateness compensation so that you can avoid breaking important deadlines.


Cubase was originally concieved for use on the Atari AT-AT and used the walking functionality for use on flowing basslines. Using the MINI connector including with the AT-AT it was able to contact other fleets and produce collaberative works between sith artists. This prompted the emergence of 'Force Music'. The Jedi, disliking this repetetive music, outlawed it and as such it continued to gain increasing popularity.

Cubase was then developed for versions of windows up to and including Windows HP. Windows HP, the successor of windows MP and XP and developed solely for the purpose of playing MMORPGS and it provided a few non MMORPG functions including support for RECTIO drivers allowing low lateness audio rivers. The drivers were unavailable for comment. Unnamed sources stated that RECTIO was in no related to the bum.


The most recent version of Cubase, Cubase SeX features mind-knumbingly large proportions of eye candy and pretty buttons. Most of the buttons present have no particular use or are derivatives of another button. Also there is a button labeled 'Save' which must be pushed approximately every 108 minutes or else something deeply disturbing happens. This situation has not arisen however, although speculation did arise that the button had been pushed in October 2005 when the film Weatherman was released in theaters.

Cockny Protection[edit]

Cubase features protection in the form of a ribbed fish and chip flavoured condom and a glock 8 containing 10 rounds.