Culinary arts

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The 'culinary arts' (not to be confused with the Culinary Ants) are a martial art form based on cooking. Most recently it has become popular due to promotion from the Iron Chef.

Like most martial arts there are several ranks one can obtain, ranging from Mint up to Black Belt.

'Culinary arts' are not to be confused with cuisine magic, another form of lethal cooking-based fighting, which is, however, inherently more magical.

The culinary arts are most widely practiced in Yurp and Asia, but there are some practitioners in other places.


Aside from many fighting skills, the 'culinary arts' also include curative skills. One of the first things a culinary warrior must learn is curing ham, a common injury among beginners.

Good curing skills gives a chance to rebound from immanent defeat. Many a novice was taken by surprise when their opponent suddenly came back from the brink of cooking disaster, and defeated them in the heated moments of confusion.

Famous Culinary Artists[edit]