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Curb Your Enthusiasm.
6th season poster

Curb Your Antisemitism (in German: "L.A.S.S. Es. L'Arry!", meaning L.A.P.D, Einstein and the Aryan!) was a Nazi propaganda reality show. Dealing with the lives and crimes of the enemies of the Aryan race, it is considered to be a Nazisploitation classic.


The show surrounds the life of one random Jew and his Aryan wife, which he holds in his house against her will. Most of the other cast includes the Jew's close friends, plus several celebrity-Jews. Other cast members include soviets, communists, cancer pacients, gays, niggers, cunts, the mentally disabled, emos, Poles, and people who have slept with Whoopi Goldberg. All of the cast members except for the main Jew were given LAPD badges, which they had to use in order to fuck with the Jew as bad as they could, in order to save the Aryan chick. The Aryan wife is being held in a huge mension in L.A. and the purpose of the game is to free her.

The Jew was given a nickname in the show, Einstein, after the dog from Back to the Future, and is the owner of a Nazi dog, a modern version of the castle-guarding dragon motive. Other notable characters are Einstein's bitch known as "Fat Fuck" and his main nemesis and Fat Fuck's French wife, Tourette. The games played in the show include the "waking up bald" game and "the staring game", which is considered the hardest game of all.


The evil Jew tries to gerbilize a poor Nazi, while the Nazi's son is forced to watch. In the previous scene we can see the Nazi's ass-hole, which his son butters and then gets grounded for it.

Although Curb's first season claimed to have no story arc, it is now known that it served mostly to create the beliefe that the common Jew has no reproductive organs. The usage of props like fake erection and cunt substitution helped establishing this important demonization of the Jew. By the sixth season, the first winner of the show was announced, freeing the Aryan from the mansion and forcing the show's creators find it a new goal.

The gerbil incident[edit]

The show's most notorious episode is "The Death Camp of Tolerance", an early example of Reverse holocaust, which years later would be parodied by the American show South Park. In this episode, the goal was to stick a gerbil up the Jew's ass without him noticing. Although the gerbil died during the attempts to shove it up the Jew's ass, while the Jew had one of his weekly nose-jobs, the Nazi plastic surgent, using the gerbil's body parts, managed to turn him into a Jewrbil.

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