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“How curious is he?”

~ The Man In The Yellow Hat on Curious George

“Why so curious?”

~ The Joker on About to cut up curious George's face

“Why is The Man Tn The Yellow Hat always happy?”

~ Public on The Man In The Yellow Hat

“What does this button do?”

~ Curious George on Big Red Buttons

“You must include all of these letters: P-E-N-G-U-I-N to be able to correctly spell the word penguin.”

The Man in the Yellow Hat casually abducting George as a youngster


The joker meeting curious george

How many times have your parents told you, "Never talk to strangers!"? Well, the young monkey Curious George didn't listen to his parents, and he was abducted by the Man in the Yellow Hat. George was lured away from his parents by this strange-pigmented man by temptation of candy and porn.

Georges biography part 5.

It was at this time that George earned his nickname "Curious." You may have heard the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat." This is in fact a modern corruption of "Curiosity eventually crushed everything George had in life." Remember, kids, always do as your parents tell you or else you might end up like poor George.

Curious George is not to be confused with Furious George, another ape, who wrought havoc on 1930's manhattan before perishing at the top of the Empire State Building.

Early Life[edit]

George grew up under the care of the Man in the Yellow Hat. During the 1990's, Curious George published a few books for children, drawing heavily on circumstances which happened to him throughout his life. The series was about a gorilla addicted to drugs named Delirious George. While on an acid trip, Curious George is kidnapped by a perverted, middle-aged gorilla molester who is only referred to as “The Man in the Golden Hat”.

A newly discovered picture of Curious George (taken in late 2004) clearly shows that he's doing great.

As an Actor

George found fame in a commercial for monkey flea removal, soon monkey owners all over the country were styling their monkey's hair to the in-style. He starred in epic films such as Citizen Kane 2 as Monkey No.3 and Titanic 4: This time It's Personal as the ship's captain (and probably the reason it sank). Things were going great for George. He had everything, lots of money, a nice apartment, and all the bananas anyone could want (not those bananas, There was even a tv show for him (see below). Things were going great. Then unexpectedly George was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, in which he was hospitalized with a broken dick. Even when he got out of hospital 3 years later, he still couldn't walk properly, and nobody wanted to watch a tv show about a monkey with a broken dick. George turned to alcohol for comfort and was regularly arrested for being nude in public. For to make some cash George had to turn to the adult film industry, making many low budget pornos, but again he was in low demand in the industry due to his broken dick. Sad, alone and with no money, George was forced to return to live with the man with the yellow hat. Things started to look up again when George's books series was revived, his entire series was featured in the Oprah book club. There was talk of George's TV show being revived, that was before George met Hundley. The evil bastard ruined George's Career and pitted George against The man in the Yellow Hat. He and George were having nightly parties and the period of time is said to be when George lost control of his bladder and bowels. Hundley introduced George to drugs and sex parties, George's exploits were on news channels everywhere and to top it all George was found to enlist the services of a transsexual hooker. The Man quickly had George sent to rehab.

After Rehab

After his long stint in rehab, George became a physiological mess, needing extensive therapy to complete even the most simplistic tasks. He barely ever left the house and was constantly in the presence of the man. Whilst buying some waffles in a local mini mart George was harassed by the paparazzi, causing him to get in a fight in which he bit a photographer's dick. He was arrested and his punishment was 400 hours community service. He was forced to clean a highway outside Denver, during which he met Hundley. George fell of the Wagon and partied for days with Hundley, afterwhich the two began planning to murder The Man in The Yellow Hat.

Behind the Scenes

The Man with the Yellow Hat remained blissfully unaware of Curious George's evil...his obliviousness would lead to his demise.

Unbeknowist to the Man with the Yellow Hat, George and Hundley had built a lair deep underneath his house. Using the Man with the Yellow Hat's credit card numbers and his identity to pay for the torture devices in the lair, Curious George began plotting against the Man with the Yellow Hat, and finally carried out his plans against him one night.

The Man With The Yellow Hat was holding a party with his homies and drunken bitches, with drugs, sex, cigarettes, and of course, beer. Luring the Man With The Yellow Hat's guests into the steam room he locked them in and poured poison gas through the air vents, killing them in seconds. This unfortunately left the man with the yellow hat alone with George that night...

One of the dead guests.

Curious George tied up the Man With The Yellow Hat, gagged him, shoved a banana up his ass, and took him to his underground lair, where he did something so horrible to the Man With The Yellow Hat it can not be said.

A few days later, the few friends of the Man With The Yellow Hat who hadn't gone to his party went to his house to visit him. To their surprise, the house was empty and it smelled of corpses. They discovered the bodies of the homies and the Man with the Yellow Hat and immediately called the police. However by then Curious George had long gone. It took the police over a decade, but at last Curious George was caught while he was urinating on a Roadkill Pigeon. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but he was rescued by Hundley. After Hundley saved him from prison, he began taking drugs, having sex, and drinking beer. He was a very happy monkey...

The Unknown fate of the Man with the Yellow Hat.

Hundley's Death

Although his life was seemingly prosperous, George always maintained a strong addiction to pornography, cocaine, and beating mentally challenged students on recess at local schools. Due to these unfortunate facts, he eventually lost control and was fired from The Safari Strip Club ten years after his career began. For the next eight years, George was homeless on the streets of New York. In New york, he met up with Hundley. He and Hundley decided to rob a bank in 2006, which lead to Hundley getting shot 129 times in his testicles and his face with a 10 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, leaving George alone to commit his crimes.

Curious George's Death

A few days later, Curious George met his end. A ferocious jaguar that had escaped from the zoo found the little monkey and proceeded to tear him to shreds. There was nothing he could do to escape the jaguar's wrath, and Hundley was unable to help him since his partner in crime was dead, obviously. His demise came in a matter of seconds. The jaguar became a local hero before being sent back to the zoo where he came from. The evil monkey was dead at last.

The books[edit]

The list of books he published are:

  • Curious George gets kidnapped by the Man in the Yellow Hat
  • Curious George Gets High
  • Curious George is Molested
  • Curious George Gets AIDS
  • Curious George Gets Rabies
  • Curious George is Raped
  • Curious George Hires a Hooker
  • Curious George Smokes Marijuana
  • Curious George is Raped Again
  • Curious George and the Ebola Virus
  • Curious George Starts The Third World War
  • Curious George Devours Young Children
  • Curious George Kidnaps The Man With The Yellow Hat
  • Curious George Steals The Man With The Yellow Hat's Credit Card Numbers
  • Curious George Burns Down The Library
  • Curious George Shoots The Man With The Yellow Hat
  • Curious George Tortures The Man With The Yellow Hat
  • Curious George and the Cross-Country Crime Spree
  • Curious George Rapes The Man With The Yellow Hat
  • Curious George Kills Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Curious George Ends The World
  • Curious George Destroys The Magic School Bus
  • Curious George Ruins A NASCAR Race
  • Curious George Meets Delirious George
  • Curious George Meets Pedophiles
  • Curious George Gets Raped By The Man In The Yellow Hat
  • Curious George Is Curious About Breasts And Why He Eats Them Off Chickens
  • Curious George Joins Facebook And Threatens The Life Of Random People
  • Curious George Maims And Kills Justin Bieber
  • Curious George Becomes a Nazi
  • Curious George Has a Wild Party
  • Curious George Doesn't Get Ice Cream And Takes Over The World


There were only 10 episodes of Curious George. It was cancelled after George broke his dick.

Number Title
Episode 1 “Curious George gets kidnapped” (aired: Feb 24, 1997)
Pilot episode of the tv series in which George gets abducted and fondled by the man in the yellow hat.
Episode 2 “Curious George Gets High” (aired: Mar 19, 1997)
George finds the man in the yellow hat's stash of pot, hilarity ensus.
Episode 3 “Curious George Hires a Hooker” (aired: April 27, 1997)
George is bored one day so he steals some money of the man in the yellow hat, he and Hundley hire a hooker and have a 3-way.
Episode 4 “Curious George and the Ebola Virus ” (aired: September 11, 1997)
On a trip to Honduras (for cocaine) George contracts the Ebola virus.
Episode 5 “Curious George Learns To Swear ” (aired: October 3, 1997)
George overhears the man swearing on the phone about costs for crack, and then tells the man to fuck off.
Episode 6 (Missing Episode) “Shoots The Man With The Yellow Hat .” (aired: Never, found on August 27, 2010)
This lost episode takes place in China as The man searches for Pandas. George gets jealous and on the advice of Hundley travels to china to reunite with the man in the yellow hat, but is horrified to find him having sex with the Male Panda. In revenge George shoots him.
Episode 7 “Curious George Steals The Man With The Yellow Hat's Credit Card Numbers ” (aired: October 31, 1997)
The man accidently leaves his credit card at home and George and hundley go on a shopping spree. When the man returns he beats the crap out of Hundley after George blames the whole scheme on him.
Episode 8 Curious George Kidnaps The Man In The Yellow Hat " (aired: November 25, 1997)
Part 1 of Curious George's Revenge. Curious George kidnaps the Man in the Yellow Hat by whacking him on the head with a hammer.
Episode 9 Curious George Tortures The Man In The Yellow Hat " {aired: December 25, 1997)
Part 2 of Curious George's Revenge. Curious George forces The Man in the Yellow Hat by forcing him to listen to Rebecca Black's Friday.
Episode 10 (Final Episode) Curious George Kills The Man In The Yellow Hat " {aired: January 1, 1998)
Part 3 of Curious George's Revenge. Curious George cuts off The Man In The Yellow Hat's head with a chainsaw. Revenge has never been more sweet.


part of the series

Revival Series Fuck The Original

So basically George and Ted AKA The Man With His Yellow Hat live in two places, Two! Greedy bastards! One is New York City and the other place is in the South.

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