Cyber Terrorism

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Cyber Terrorism is a new and frightening twist on an age-old problem. So-called "cyber terrorists".

Cyber Terrorist Recruitment[edit]

Infiltrating an actual Cyber Terrorist recruitment campaign is dificult, but most experts believe the recruitment process goes something like this:

rock'r'grrl: and I was TOTALLY in the front row of the MCR concert!

icecr_emo: no way

*Osamayourmama has joined #teen-chat*

Osamayourmama: sup guys, lol

rock'r'grrl: hai

icecr_emo: sup homie

Osamayourmama: lol, you guys into like, music, and like, terrorism, lol?

rock'r'grrl: like, totally...I love MCR and I like scary, like, mysterious guys

Osamayourmama: lol, that's pretty 'cool', lol

icecr_emo: so what bands are you in2 man?

Osamayourmama: lol, Duran Duran, lol

icecr_emo: I thought he's lik dead?

Osamayourmama: lol, only according to record sales, lol

Osamayourmama: lol, so you guys ever thought about joining like, a club, lol

rock'r'grrl: like a Punk ROck Club? ALl the teim!

Osamayourmama: lol, this club is pretty "punk", lol

rock'r'grrl: are you like, here to molest me?

Osamayourmama: lol, maybe, lol

Osamayourmama: lol, jk, lol

rock'r'grrl: lol

icecr_emo: I am, lol

Osamayourmama: lol, this is why you need to wear a Hijab, lol

rock'r'grrl: is that like one of those capes you see at Hot Topic?

Osamayourmama: lol, pretty much, lol

Osamayourmama: lol, so what's ur guys (and gals!) opinions, on like politics and mass slaughter, lol


rock'r'grrl: TOTALLY

Osamayourmama: lol, I know, right, lol

*rock'r'grrl is currently listening to Boys Don't Cry by the Cure*

rock'r'grrl: I LOVE THIS SONG

Osamayourmama: lol, speaking of "the Cure", do you know what "the Cure" to Western Imperalism is, lol?

By this point, the average American teenager is already lured into a vicious Cyber Terrorist trap and is susceptible to Cyber Terrorist brain washing tactics. Citizens: if your children enter chat rooms or listen to "punk rock and roll", "emotional rock and roll", or "be-bop", smash them in the head with a shovel IMMEDIATELY and take them to your nearest Terror Control Center. Nothing less than their lives and the lives of everyone else in the country is at stake.