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Cyberdemon... known also as king of dwarves.

What is Cyberdemon?[edit]


Cyberdemon is an ancient spaceship that was created in the depths of mars. This spaceship was created to save the human race when an alien invasion would start. Dwarven workers who were building this legendary spaceship thought they would get a lot of gold from it, but mean UAC Officers locked the dwarves into deep caverns of mars. Dwarves sought revenge. The Dwarves started to use black magic with necronomicon they found from the caves. They cursed this spaceship and gave name "Cyberdemon" for it. He was from Italy since dwarves that built him were from Italy. Dwarves programmed language for Cyberdemon.

This spaceship escaped and started to slay UAC Officers at mars. Dwarves, no one really knows.. what happened to dwarves. Cyberdemon Terrorized mars for ages, then he moved back into caves and still lives there. Also, if you have played game "Counter-strike: source" you should remember the Cyberdemon on sky at map DE_Cyblacks.


Cyberdemon is strong. Cyberdemon can lift phobos and deimos with one finger, but will need 2 fingers to lift mars. He is immune to rockets and explosives. Only pure impact damage is dealt on all weapons. He has 2 rings, Ring of the Demon{+666STR) and Ring of the Bullseye(+100% chance to hit). He also wears artifact known as Belt of the dwarf(+300AC and 300 bonus hitpoints).

Legend says that Cyberdemon has more hitpoints than any creature in the world, but this is noted to be false information since Cyberdemon has hitpoints in this formula:

Cyberdemon can move with speed of light, only if he is not drunk, shame that he is always drunk.

Oh by the way, that hit point crap, if you are not a geek of heart, that is D&D fag.

People who have seen Cyberdemon[edit]

There are only few people who have actually seen this so called Cyberdemon. These people are listed below:

Good or Evil?[edit]

People have been mislead with story which describes Cyberdemon to be hostile towards every creature who life in the universe. Actually, Cyberdemon is reading books and giving money in to charity. However Cyberdemon seems to hate people that live in mars or are related to mars in someway. Good example of this is Doom guy.

Cyberdemon believes in Satan and does satanism, but he does believe in God and Jesus as well. He does respect dwarves for great sacrifice they did for him. He cares about all living creatures.

Fighting against Cyberdemon[edit]

If you get into fight with Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.

Synonyms for Cyberdemon[edit]

  • Uberdemon
  • Tall Skycraper
  • Metalblock
  • Siperdimon(referring to language which was used in mars)
  • Cyberdaemon
  • Weapon of the Jew
  • The Weapon of mass destruction
  • Easter bunny
  • Pwnage
  • King of dwarves
  • Spaceship
  • Ed Boon

Cyberdemon legends[edit]

These are possible facts or possibly fiction, not proved!

  • Cyberdemon can see through walls
  • Cyberdemon was originally a cowboy. Seriously, just try comparing him to some guy with a revolver
  • Cyberdemon won a 500km marathon
  • Cyberdemon worships Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Cyberdemon loves to watch Histeria!, especially when Charity Bazaar is involved.
  • (Charity Bazaar is not happy about that........)
  • Cyberdemon's hooves are louder than an earthquake
  • Cyberdemon destroyed the WTC towers (the 'planes' were actually his rockets)
  • Cyberdemon has never played Doom
  • Cyberdemon likes cats
  • Cyberdemon hates taller things than himself
  • Cyberdemon has a HP of over 9000.
  • Cyberdemon made the Sun
  • Cyberdemon plays World of Whorecraft
  • Cyberdemon will hear you if nothing solid is blocking the way
  • Cyberdemon always know where you are
  • Cyberdemon listens to Rammstein and Laibach 24/7 ((At the same time.))
  • Cyberdemon found Excalibur
  • Cyberdemon can be controlled with Doombuilder
  • Cyberdemon makes money from creating/updating DeePsea
  • Cyberdemon killed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

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