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Crymaeg was created in 19th century Rome when the African American people prefered tea with lemon coco puffs instead of orange coco puffs.This made the romans mad and they decided to get out a piece of paper and write the letter W 400 times and burn the piece of paper while eating purple socks. The African Americans then ran away and called Superman to destroy the Romans. Supeman then decided that the job was to hard for him so he called George Bush and asked him to help him defeat the Romans. Gearge Bush said yes and they went to fight the Romans! It was a fight that lasted for over 6 minutes and it was a close fight but Superman and Gearge Bush defeated the Romans! Superman then took over the Roman Empire and named the land Cymaeg.

Later history[edit]

After 3 monthes of being ruler of Cymraeg, the romans gort revenge on Superman and killed him. Nowthere are many new presidents of Cymraeg. The current president is Donkey Kong.

Presidents of Cymraeg[edit]

  1. Superman 1800-1800
  2. Mr. Bob 1800-1869
  3. That girl 1869-1920
  4. Bill Cosby 1920-1933
  5. Chuck Norris 1933-1989
  6. Pi 1989-1997
  7. Bob 1997- 2004
  8. Donkey Kong 2004- Present