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Cynthia McKinney is a politician and an alleged member of the Democrat Party terrorist group.

Early life and political career[edit]

McKinney was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the daughter of Billy McKinney, one of Atlanta's first Nigger-American law enforcement officer. She is a Roman Catholic yet, she hates the Pope, because he is a " Racist Nazi".

She was elected the representative of Georgia's 4th district, by bitching about racism and guilt tripping White-Americans to vote for her. The Second she heard she had been elected she ran around the city of Stone Mountain naked, tongue kissing all the babies she could get her hands on, except the White ones because she hates White People.

McKinney immediately challenged House rules requiring women to wear dresses by wearing slacks. In 1991, she spoke out against the Persian Gulf War, saying it was "racist", but what doesn't she say is racist?

The Capitol Police incident[edit]

On the morning of March 29, 2006, McKinney entered the Longworth House Office Building's southeast entrance and proceeded past the check point, walking around the metal detector. Members of Congress have identifying lapel pins and are not required to pass through metal detectors. The officers present failed to recognize her as a Member of Congress because she was not wearing the appropriate identification. She proceeded westward down the ground floor hallway, and about half way down the hallway was grabbed by United States Capitol Police officer Paul McKenna, who states that he had been calling after her "Ma'am, Ma'am!" McKinney responded by hitting the police officer.

Officer McKenna did not arrest Rep. McKinney at the time of the incident. Rather, he later filed a police report. The following is his exact statement, with C-1 referring to himself and S-1 to Rep. McKinney:

When word got out about her hitting a police officer, she used her number one defense...Racism.

Reacting to the sudden rise in stakes reflected by the potential for criminal indictment, McKinney's attorney, James Myart, spoke in a March 31 news conference, suggesting that the officer involved be criminally investigated for accosting ("inappropriately touching") the congresswoman. This charge was not taken seriously by most commentators and media outlets. Myart went on to say the case typified a pattern of police harassment of black Americans: "my belief is this is no different than that: 'they all look alike'.[ On April 25, 2006, CNN reported that one of Rep. McKinney's lawyers was no longer representing her, that lawyer being Myart. Recently retired U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer rejected Myart's charge in an interview with CNN:

"I've seen our officers stop white members and black members, Latinos, male and females . . . It's not an issue about what your race or gender is. It's an issue about making sure people who come into our building are recognized if they're not going through the magnetometer, and this officer at that moment didn't recognize her . . . It would have been real easy, as most members of Congress do, to say here's who I am or do you know who I am?" She has repeatedly stressed that in her view the incident arose from the police failure to recognize her face, suggesting that in her view the above-mentioned pattern of incidents in which Capitol Police failed to recognize her as a Member of Congress had to do with a general tendency by police in the United States to engage in racial profiling of blacks, where blacks are stereotyped as more likely to commit crime than other groups in society, and therefore tend to handle blacks more roughly."

The Bottom Line[edit]

Cynthia McKinney is a total whacked out racist bitch.



~ Cynthia McKinney on Every single White Person ever to live