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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Cytherea.
The are work hazards associated with Cytherea.

Cytherea is extremely rare (like ditto or whatever). She features in Pokemon Pornstar Limited Edition and is a water-type Pokemon capable of using a "squirting" or "water-gun" attack at great distances.

She was born a goddess of love, but changed her mind halfway during the birthing process exclaiming "I want to be the Goddess of Gush instead". Sensing that the world needed a superhero, and that Marvel Comic's "Mighty Thor" (Trademark and Copyright) was on holiday, she donned the guise of Squirtwoman, and made great sales on the "Squirtwoman" (is that grammatically correct) franchise. Well, blow my balls.

Scytherea is the evolved form of Scyther and Cytherea, and is similar in structure to Slowbro.

To reduce company costs, Cytherea are sometimes used to test the quality of raincoats.


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