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D-bay is the name given to the online auctioning website which most cheapskates and get-rich-quick schemists have become obsessed with. D-bay was the 4th version of this website, and was preceded by C-Bay. It has now been made obsolete by the more recent version E-bay, which sadly contains more bugs than previous versions, such as the pay-for-it-but-i'll-never-send-it anomaly, which after many patches has still not been resolved. It is hoped that when the next version of the website, expected to be called F-bay, will create a working fix.

LogoDbay 150x70.gif

as you can see above, the logo of the website in this version left much to be desired. In fact, most would say that the current logo does too, but they would be fools with no sense of colour or imagination.

Disallowed Items[edit]

Various items are not allowed to be sold on D-Bay, some of these are now permitted, others are still not. These items include:

Carrot Cake


Tennis Rackets

Tennis Balls of any colour except that funny greeny/yellow

Keys to Cities (unless you own the city and therefore have the right to do with the key what you may)

Countries (still not permitted)

Television remote controls (Because somewhere, somebody is looking for it)

Anything that may get you a profit actually worth having.