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Mr. T is a pissed off taxi driver that will kill anyone that gets in his way from delivering his bounty fair. Thing turn to the worst when Professor Xavier hypnoize his colon to randomly shit. Mr. T stops off at a portable toliet when his passager is kidnapped! Then all hell breaks loose when Mr. T is trying to find his passenger, and he will kill anyone that gets in his way! This is a fun action comedy porno that will have you laughing your ass off so much you will shit yourself. Garey Busey plays a crack addict that steals Mr. T's cab and crashes it into the white house! And makes the FBI wanting to kill Mr. T until Mr. T finds Garey having sex with a male crack addict! Mr. T grabs Garey and rips his taxi door off and shoves it up Garey's ass! (That was not apart of script) This is a graphic movie and it is rated R for Nudity,Sex,Drugs,Violence,Drug use,Graphic Violence and Violence.


Mr. T was critizied for his work because he killed an entire nudist colony. Mr. T's response to this was "I Pity da fu that takes my passenger and makes him naked and dances with him, that is why i had to kill that naked jackass and his colony!" Mr. T was also critized for killing a homosexual and beating his boyfriend to death with his cab hood. Mr. T's response to this was "I pity da fu that takes my passenger and has gay sex with him and sticks his dick in his poop filled crack! That is why i had to kill that gay ass fag and his homo love boy friend because he was going to rape my fair!" Mr. T was also critzed for jumping out of his moving cab and tackling a old man and shoving his walker up his ass. Mr. T's response was "I pity da fu that is an old wrinkley bastard that steals my fair and rapes him with his old dick! And takes my money with his social security that is why i had to kill that old wrinkley bastard!"


Max Gail .... Harold

Adam Baldwin .... Albert Dickcherry

Mr. T .... Samson (Hell Yeah!)

Charlie Barnett .... Tyrone

Gary Busey .... Dell

Ronald Mcdonald .... Miss Floyd

Marsha Warfield .... Giant Paraphile Mushroom

Bill Maher .... Bob

DeWayne Jessie .... Bong

Paul Rodriguez .... Professor Xavier

Whitman Mayo .... Mr. Rhythm

Mc Hammer .... Buddy (as Peter Barbarian)

Vanilla Ice .... Buzzy (as David Barbarian)

Natalie Portman .... Irene Cara

Ewan Mcgregor .... Maudie

George Lucas .... Head Kidnapper

Toby Mcguire .... Female Kidnapper

Samuel L. Jackson .... Negro Kidnapper

Moriah Shannon .... Penis Club Waitress

Tom Clancey .... FBI Chief (as Newton D. Arnold)

Snoop Dogg .... Mr. J. The Pimp

Tom Jane .... Ski Mask Hoodlum

Anne De Salvo .... Myrna

Mr. T after being shot in the testicals!

Bob Zmuda .... Cubby Fat Ass

Jim Moody .... Arnie

Denise Richards .... Denise

Carmen Electra .... Matty/Denise's lover

Scott Nemes .... Italian Jackass' Son

Senta Moses .... Italian Jackass' Daughter

José Pérez .... Spic

Jill Schoelen .... Claudette

Paula Earlette Davis .... Jolene

Jacki Clark .... Hooker In Mr. T's Cab

Don Jacob .... Italian Jackass

Ann Guilford-Grey .... Italian Jackass' Wife

Timothy Rice .... Airport Drunk

Patricia Duff .... Elegant Blonde in Lesbian Bar

Martha Jane Urann .... Passenger in Car

Michael DeSanto .... Embassy Security Guard

Dale Stephenson .... Embassy Security Guard

Chuck Norris .... Angel Of Death (as Timothy Agoglia Carey)

Esther Lee .... Asian Bastard #1

Scott Perry .... FBI Agent

Marti Soyoa .... Drive-In Manager

Irvin Matsukiyo .... Asian Bastard#2

Karen Leigh Hopkins .... Camera Woman/Lesbian

Charles J. Baron .... Flight Attendant

Carmen J. Gray .... Pedofile

Kenneth Van Auken .... Doorman

Charles Bouvier .... Policeman #1

Bob Maroff .... Policeman #2

J. Christopher Sullivan .... Policeman #3

Ron Canada .... Gay Policeman

Carla Folk .... Pregnant Passenger

Walter Wyatt .... Truck Driver

Dawan Scott .... Penis Club Bouncer

Jaycee Cooper .... Reporter/Penis Club Owner/Male Crack Whore