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Defense Against ExtraTerrestrials, the only organization in the history of the human race that's main focus is protecting the Earth and Humanity from alien bastards and Capitalists like Your Mom. They have three branches of Military Might. The first, perhaps the most numerous and important, being the infantry. These inculde the armor clad Shocktroopers and the lowly Constript Trooper. On a side note to anyone who knows the game World of Warcraft, the Shocktrooper armor highly resembles the Judgement tier 2 Loladin armor, combined with a gundam like robot thing. The next being the vehicular support section. These include everthing from Blessing light support vehicles to Justice super heavy tanks, they also have an impressive brigade of Retribution land battleships. The last section would be the Holy Space Navy (HSN). These include Crusader class heavy battleships, along with little fighters and frigates and junk that nobody really even cares about because the crusaders are so damn huge they attract all the attention. The Holy Space Navy is bolstered by the Canadian Space Navy, which generously helps the DAET in all of it's space skirmishes, in return the HSN helps the Canadians gather Minnesotan top soil for their Canadian Shield. The DAET will destroy any aliens which enter Earth's territory, and will then proceed to vanquish/enslave said aliens entire race. They do make several alliances with aliens, pretty much because some free technology is never bad. The current enemy is the infamous Grebel and his Dread Legion, along with his Federal Department of Alien bastard friends. The patron deity of the DAET being Raptor Jesus, which is also a sworn enemy of Grebel and will destroy him some day (read article for Grebel to get all the info). They love blowing shit and men, Such as Bill Cosplay. They also like smashing alien skulls, so you might want to join them someday.


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