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DRM manages restrictions like parole manages imprisonment. Anally.

~ Steve Ballmer on DRM

“Okay team, we need to create something that's like AIDS, only not as popular. Any ideas?”

~ Senior Managment on the day befofe DRM was invented

“DRM is suck.”


  • They are watching you.

Shorthand for "Disney Restrictions, or some say Rights Management" - a scheme whereby Microsoft will make it possible for the Disney Corporation to make use of hidden back doors in your computers operating system, labeled the "trusted partnership" security policy, in order to see if you've got any of the copyrighted "hot pics" of Snow White stored on it.

Of course if they'd have backed up the "hot pics" in the first place, prefereably using a good quality P2P file sharing system, they wouldn't still be looking for them would they? They don't deserve the right to hunt for them, since they are too corrupt. Of course, they didn't want to hear this, so they made up a tall tale about Evil Internet file sharers stole the pictures off their computer and they have to get them back.

Thankfully, the vast resources at their disposal made it possible for them to steadily and firmly pave their way by buying new laws enforcing their view of the story and, in the bright shiny future, all your device are belong to them.

For some reason, DRM advocates have an irrational fear of the number 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0. Highlighting those together inside the US of A is punishable under the DMCA.

It is possible to remove DRM from a file by burning it to a CD and ripping it.

Martin Luther.exe[edit]

Hackers have developed a beta martinluther.exe, to remove DRM from your system, therethore gaining your rights back. The final version is still in development. The hackers version has been removed by Captain Obvious or Captain Oblivious. Although. There is an extension going on in my pants right now. Also Quagmire.

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