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The D Colon (more commonly refered to as the D:) is one of the most expressive and scienticifcally coolest emo-smile to ever had hit the face of the interweb.

D Colon's History[edit]

The first D: was founded in 1815, by Saint Crackerface, a New Yorker who had a strange disposition to insert things up his armpit. One day, while writing his novel, "The Panther, the Wizard, and the Underpants Coffee Table", he accidentally smacked the semicolon after pressing D. The resulting D; was so mesmerizing, he stared at it for days, evantually dying of malnutrition and bedbugs. His body is buried in Canada, but his tombstone is in Hitler's last stand. On it, it reads:

[i]Here lies banana fudge, the yearly ointment that saved crabs from closetville. D:[/i]

The typo is evantually what caught on, along with the bad tags.

D Colon Now[edit]

The D: has many useless forms. Here are a few.

D= DX DB D8 D< D> DE D3 DS

D Colon's future[edit]

Sock drawer. Definitly, definitly, sock drawer.