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D for Deletion is a higly successful Sesame Street book about editing Uncyclopedia. It is similar in many ways to the less popular V for Vendetta, as it is about a totalitarian regime. But instead of taking place on Sesame Street, it takes place in a totalitarian Uncyclopedia where your every edit is watched by the evil admins. D for Deletion was nowhere near as successful as the highly famed C for Crack, although it did sell 50 copies.


Flammable's propaganda campaign.

In an Edit War devastated Uncyclopedia, a totalitarian government of admins jealous of the funny non-admin articles arose. This government was ruled by the evil power hungry dictator Oprah. When this government arose, they imprisoned all non admin users and IP addresses who had written funny articles without admin intervention. In the prisons,(remember kids, if the admins get on your nerves, don't fight them, just ignore them.) they conducted horrible user-page experiments. One such experiment was inserting spam and vadalism on the user pages and testing their anti-spam robots. Many user pages including the old Chronarion one were deleted when these experimental bots did something they were not supposed to. But one user who called himself "D", was accidentally given the amazing admin editing power. When he got this, he escaped the prison page and deleted it. D then started blocking the admins responsible for his imprisonment. The main government admins were shocked as they had protected that page from non-admin editors. On the street, some other non-admin user called little bird was editing during the editing curfew time. The editing police quickly chased this user down and attempted to put a votes for blocking tag on the user's page. But they were unsuccessful as they were blocked by D. He then rescues the user and deletes the admin-written and unfunny Wikipedia article. The admins were outraged. In the Un News section of the main page, Ernie and Bigbird were reporting on the successful deletion of the kitten huffing page. Until, on the talk page, D appears with little bird and threatens to delete the Un News page if he cannot say something on Un News. Fearing for their user pages, Ernie and Big Bird let D talk on their show. Once the main page is unprotected, D tells everyone to revolt on Uncyclopedia's bithday at the time when the AAAAAAAA! article is Deleted. After this, he mails the kitten huffing article to every non Admin user. On Uncyclopedia's birthday, D deletes the AAAAAAAA! article and the revolution goes on as planned. But D still has some unfinished business to deal with Oprah and Flammable. In some crappy outdated article's talk page,V watches Flammable brings the highly vandalized Oprah page in. He then blocks Oprah so he can become the boss of the Admins. After this, D and Flammable vandalize each other's pages. Until, a mortally vandalized D Deletes flammable's user page. A few minutes later, D's user page is also deleted. The book ends here

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