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Daft Punk, as can be gleaned from the above quotations, are aliens from the planet France, from the far, far, FAR reaches of the cosmos. They came to Earth somewhere around 388 BC, and were discovered by agent Jack Bauer, who at first saw them as a threat to the nuclear safety of the world and attempted to destroy them (this is well documented in season -2340044 of Bauer's diaries, 24). Upon discovering that they could not actually be destroyed by any conventional means, Bauer instead chose to befriend these god’s of the cosmos and deemed them “mostly harmless”, with special exception given to the grievous bodily harm of the ears caused by their third album, Human After All.

Daft Punk have three albums currently on sale, Homework, Discovery, and Human After All. Some believe these space men of the planet France use their futuristic technology to somehow cause the buyer reflex in the human brain, and therefore by their music whether or not they like them. Others are of the opinion that they sold their souls to the Devil... or possibly Godzilla, in order to achieve such grand success.

These days, Daft Punk can be found in their secret laboratory at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, writing new music.

Daft Punk and Ninjas[edit]

It has been rumoured that the reason Daft Punk wear strange robotic masks is because they are being chased by Ninja's constantly, and showing their true faces and identities would lead them to be immediately assassinated. These rumours are hard to back up as everyone knows if a Ninja is after you, whether they know your true identity or not, the best you can hope is to slit your own throat and hope to hide in Hell.