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Dai To around 1981, 1982, or something like that. From left field; Stu Pickles, Dylan Argus, and Bill Cosby.

Dai To is widely acknowledged by teenage girls as the greatest band in the universe. Dai To was formed in 1944 by schoolmates Bill Cosby, Dylan Argus, and Stu Pickles.

Getting up to the top was hard for Dai To, because the title of their first album prevented many young people from stealing it, and therefore preventing them from attending awesome Dai To concerts, and therefore giving less money to the band.

In 1964, Dylan Argus died of a triple heart attack, but was somehow revived by Darth Wilde. However, many conspiracys deny it, and say that Argus was strong in The Force, which kept his will to live intact.

Dai To spent most of their years as a cover band, and nobody likes cover bands. That clearly explains why they were never really successful. Yet.

But, Dai To achieved widespread success in 1998, when they released their 17 second single Where You Came From Is Special Order. The song caused near panic and city-wide riots because of its hella fast rhythms. It is still at the top of the charts, and may be responsible for George W. Bush's decision to make the Iraq War.

Dai To plays rock music, which is very popular, especially in York. However, many liberals protest Dai To's music, saying that it "generates revenue for killers". Indeed, The Killers occasionally open for Dai To, so this is one of the few times that the liberals are actually right.

Dai To has also been condemned by Oprah Winfrey, after the band released their 2002 single Oprah Is A Fat Slut. They are sentenced to die in 2010 because of that single.


  • Don't Steal - 1947
  • Please Disregard Our Last Album - 1948
  • I Drive Your Head Into The Ground - 1952
  • Aliveing The Force - 1972
  • Lighteninging - 1982
  • Live Life!!! - 1986
  • Stand Now Or Die - 1993
  • You Suxors - 2006
  • Hey Don't - 2008


  • Don't Steal - 1948
  • Micros - 1963
  • Forces - 1972
  • Why Can't Bee Be Friend? - 1976
  • Ford Fairmont - 1983
  • Crystaal - 1986
  • Zincyes - 1989
  • Where You Came From Is Special Order - 1998
  • Oprah Is A Fat Slut - 2002
  • Pok√©man Fraagh Fra Aagh Aagh Aagh - 2006