Dan Aykroyd

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Dan Aykroyd, creator of the music form known as "the blues" and Cable TV as well as the founder of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company. One of the most famous Cambodian actors as well, he was best friends with John Belushi, the inventor of cocaine.

Mr. Aykroyd is also a world record-holding ghost hunter, having captured 1734 spectres, ghouls, phantasms, and poltergeists in the New England area in the early 1980s. After an unexpected (but, reportedly, "delightful") sexual encounter with the spirit of the late Anne Frank, Akroyd sought the assistance of EPA representative William Atherton to free all the ghosts he and others had in captivity. Aykroyd and Frank then moved to Mass(more random letters go here), the only state of the US that would allow a human-spectre marriage. The couple became avid proponents of Etherial rights of spooking, sliming, and petty vandalism.

On weekends Dan goes into hiding from the public eye because of his receding hair line. He likes to munch on peaches.