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~ Oscar Wilde on Dan Savage

Dan Savage is a syndicated marital advice columnist, whose column, Savage Love, appears in over 150,000 newspapers worldwide. He is based out of Omaha, Nebraska, and is known for his ultra-conservative views on sexuality and abortion.

Conservative moral crusader Dan Savage
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Dan Savage.


Savage was born on July 15, 1965 to devout Catholic parents. His parents and his church instilled in him a deep sense of religious morality, and established his firm belief that any sexual behavior was sinful unless it was

Advice Column[edit]

In his Savage Love column, Dan typically berates people who write in with their questions about sex. One example, from March of 2003:

Dear Mr. Savage,

Lately I've been having trouble achieving orgasm when my husband and I make love. Could you recommend any different positions or techniques in this area?
--Frustrated in Phoenix

Dear FIP,
You filthy whore! Do you not know that orgasm is Satan's own grip upon your body? Your body is not a playground. Repent of these sinful, lustful desires, and you will find cleansing. I would suggest you take up knitting as an alternative to selfish gratification.

Gary Bauer Campaign[edit]

Savage created a great deal of controversy in 2000, when he went to work for the Presidential campaign of fellow arch-conservative Gary Bauer. It is alleged that when he contracted the flu, he sneezed in several envelopes and mailed his snot to the campaign offices of the other, less conservative Republican candidates. Nothing was ever proven, but several million newspapers dropped his advice column after that.

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