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Dance at its finest is a magnificent art

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“Dancing is the work of the Devil”

~ An arrogant and APPARENTLY, zealous Puritan on Dancing

“if trees had legs or were less embaressed they would dance till they drop”

~ Oscar Wilde on Dancing

Dancing is the art of moving one's limbs to music in radically authentic ways. Also known as Prancing. A person who can perform multiple "styles" of dance is known as LORD OF THE DANCE. Dancing originated on an atomic level where protons would spin their electrons dosie-doe. Ever since that occasions event dancing has been recognized as a great well-spring of therapeutic goodness. One usually requires a stable body to dance "on" with enough gravity to keep them attached to it. Dancing on the Moon is a lot harder than it looks. We have seen from video archival evidence that Astronauts performed a kind of jig known as the springbok jive. Extra-terrestrial dancing has become a popular cultural phenomena. Dancing should not be confused with walking, running, or convulsions which are forms of locomotion. In fact, dancing was invented by the one and only Joseph Stalin. Dancing is the only path to true, ultimate power.

Cyrex dance.gif

Styles of dance[edit]

A middle-aged German man "busting a move."

Zoidberg dance2 animate.gif

Zoidberg dance animate.gif
How do dance like a pimp.
Martin Van Buren, 8th president of the United States, attempts to dance with a girl
This is not dancing
Fidel Castro doing a public demonstration of break-dancing.

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