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“Ooh! I must record this episode- Oh dammit! Where did I put my recorder?”

~ Comic Book Guy on This show

“A good show, provided nothing else is on and I haven't passed out drunk yet.”

~ Bob Barker on Danny Phantom: The Animated Documentary Series
Danny Phantom:The Animated Documentary Series
Genre Animation
Running time 22 minutes per episode
Creator(s) Butch Layman
Ivan Reitman
Developer(s) Columbia Pictures
Starring Freakazoid!
Vicky Davidovitch
A big, lumbering dude in orange spandex
Country of origin Undead Kingdom
Original network/channel Nickelodeon
Original run April 3, 2004-February 2007
No. of episodes 54
IMDb page

Danny Phantom: The Animated Documentary Series (Although the opening title would suggest otherwise as it only says "Danny Phantom") is an animated documentary series created by journalist Butch Hartman and movie director Ivan Reitman, the genius behind such documentaries as Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. It was created in homage to ghostbuster Danny Phantom|Danny "Phantom" Fenton, a ghost/human hybrid who helped rid the world of various ghosts, ghouls, demons, apparitions, and poultrygeists and alongside the Ghostbusters, helped to do the same, but better. Unfortunately however, not all of Danny's exploits were documented in this series because it was canceled in 2007 and, despite high ratings, will be replaced by Invader NOT ZIM for no apparent reason by the corporate suits (read: Viacunt) who run Nickelodeon.

Danny Phantom had several popular reoccurring characters, including Skulker, Technus, and Danny's rival Vlad. The Ghostbusters were originally planned to be regular characters after Season 3, but because the show was cancelled before a Season 4 was created, they only appeared in the series finale.


Season 1[edit]

  • Mystery Meat - Danny battles with the ghost of a lunch lady sent by the Dark Lord Ronald McDonald (Voiced by Krusty the Klown).
  • Five of a Limited Edition - Danny is kidnapped by a ghost cyborg known as Sulker who holds Danny hostage for $6,000,000 and a limited edition "The Grey Ghost #1" comic.
  • Parental Fondling - Danny is accidentally exposed to his father Jack's "Fenton Ultra Super-glue" which causes Danny's left arm to become fused to Jack's penis. The problem is solved when Jack's tool is sawed off and he dies of blood loss. Don't worry, he comes back to life.
  • Attack of the Killer Hajj - Danny is forced to save Makkah after his garage becomes possessed and goes on a destructive rampage to the Middle-East and releases the ghost of a mentally unstable scientist known as Nicolai Technus.
  • The Ghost Mirror of Doom - Danny meets the crazy ghost of a nerd who died in a locker (because of the sharks) in a mirror dimension where everything and everyone are black and white, gas is still cheap, and it is always the '50s. (Note: This episode was well received with nostalgic weirdos who just cannot get over that bygone era.)
  • Wish for What You Desire - Danny has a lot of trouble with a ghost genie named Desiree. After having his wishes for a bigger penis and a girlfriend are somehow taken out of context, he uses an inter dimensional plot-hole to end the episode.
  • Sour Blow jobs and Bitter Reunions - Danny meets a ghostly gender-confused super villain known as Vlad Plasmius who, like Danny, is part human and part ghost. Vlad then attempts to extract some of Danny's DNA through unorthodox methods.
  • Prisoners of Love and Humidity - Danny sets foot into the Ghost Zone and unknowingly breaks a rule for stepping on a sign that read "No Trespassing". He gets sent to a ghost minor prison where he is forced to dig holes by an overly-strict Warden.
  • My Brother's Reaper - Danny Phantom meets Grim, Billy, and Mandy! They have to save Endsville from the ghosts unleashed by Billy's wild antics! Note that this is a gay cross-over episode.
  • Shades of Gay - Danny gets lost on another trip to the Ghost Zone, and ends up in a ghostly gay bar in San Francisco. He must fight his way back through to the live word by use of gay turn-offs.
  • Banning the Fiery Doom - Danny must stop a gothic ghost rock goddess named Ember McLain from summoning an evil entity known as "Zombie Flanders" (Voiced by Ned Flanders).
  • Preacher of the Year - A priest in Danny's community (voiced by Bizarro Jesus) shows Danny the forgiving light of Jesus through molestation.
  • Fright Knight - A vampire (Voiced by Chris Sarandon) and his partner (Voiced by Jonathan Stark) steal Danny's friend, Sam, and turn Tucker into a bucktoothed werewolf-vampire.
Danny battles The Jersey Devil(Who is actually Michael Jackson trying to eat Danny) in episode #13.
  • 13 Going on Jersey - A cross-over episode featuring the cast of "The Jersey," Danny Phantom learns life morals from his favorite ghostly football players. However, the Jersey Devil arrives to use the possessed clothing for a nefarious purpose...
  • Pubic Enemies - Danny Phantom learns about the dangers of pubic lice from musical hit Dick Cheney.
  • Rucky in Rove - Scooby Doo meets Danny Phantom in a hilarious cross-over for the ages! Scooby and Danny must team up to stop the ghost-politician Karl Rove before he forces the inhabitants of Amity Park to vote Republican and help in his evil ideals!
  • Maternal Basic Instinct 2 - Danny's mom reveals her secret identity of Superwoman. When her family is threatened, she busts out anti-ghost lasers and seductive woman ways to protect them.
  • Afterlife Lessons - In a clever attempt to prank Danny, who was knocked in a 4-day coma in a ditch after one fight, some phantom impersonator writes his obituary in the local newspaper and erases all his records. Now, as another villain has a world domination scheme, Danny has to set things right while everyone yells and screams "Zombie!!" when he walks past.
  • The Million Dollar Ghost - Sam, Being the vegetarian goth she is, forms a temporary alliance with a ghost who helps her stop the violent slaying of innocent animals even more violently with a chicken 1 mile tall which squashes every chicken factory in a 42,000-mile radius.
  • Control Freaks - Tucker eventually finds the perks of being a Trekkie amusing, and joins them as a Klingon cosplayer. What he discovers is that the leader is a Klingon ghost out for revenge against the evil Dr. Thrawn, who is reminiscent of Danny, and wants to conquer the Milky Way and it's twin, Andromeda.

Season 2[edit]

  • Memory Stank - After winning a challenge against Technus, Technus's brain falls out of his badly damaged robot body. His brain gets reborn, however, and although suffers chronic amnesia, still terrorizes Amity Park with laser balls.
  • Doctors' Disorders - When Danny and his family go on a ghost hunting expedition to the abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Connectthedots, Danny (as Danny Phantom) must protect his family from the malevolent ghosts of patients who died there, as well as the powerful ghost of homicidal surgeon, Dr. Ego (Voiced by Tim Currey) who has a bone to pick with Danny and his family for disturbing the abandoned sanatorium like all the other overzealous ghost hunters.
  • Pirate Raid - Danny must stop an army of ghost pirates lead by the ghost of a 10 year old boy named Youngblood from robbing all the banks in Amity Park.
  • Don't Reign on my Parade - (Movie #1) In this one-hour special, a ghostly jazz musician named Pariah Jebidiah had kidnapped the Casper High jazz ensemble, during the big game. He led them off a cliff when on fire, to stop the madness of such sucky moose-sick.
  • Identity Crisis - Danny gets popular on a silly, cult-like scale for total InstaNet nerds. Now, everyone is his emulator, and no one can tell which phantom impersonator is the real Danny Fenton anymore.
  • The Fentons' Family Trip - Like all bad regurgitated plotlines, Danny and his family go cross country in their assault vehicle for the annual "Ghostbuster's Convention" in West Bloomfield, MI, and making several comical stops on the way.
  • The Perfectly Ultimate Best Enemy (Movie #2) - In some huge Yu-Gi-Oh tournament at the mall, Desiree grants a wish for a perfect monster with awesome special attacks. It starts going sour when he travels to the year 30X2 and slowly gains control of the universe with his growing omniscence.
  • The Fight on the Flight Before Christmas - a.k.a. Ghosts on a Plane - The Fentons were going to a relative's house in Los Angeles, California to spend their Christmas vacation, except Danny was so thick he took the wrong flight, to Singapore. Even worse, the flight he snuck onto was hijacked by ghost pirates, and Danny has to stop them with grody old Chinese food.
  • Sacred Weapons of Mass Destruction - Due to American soldiers being blasted left and right in the War on Terror, Danny, after being drafted due to lack of soldiers is whisked into the army as an Agent of Chaos, whose main mission is to find and destroy the Weapons of Mass Destruction. When Danny arrives in Iraq, he comes face-to-face with the ghosts of Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Kusay.
  • Skirting on the Edge of Disaster -
Concept art for the Xatobrut in the season 2 episode "Beauty and the Ghost".
  • Micro-Manager - Danny applies for a white-collar office job in the summer to buy a moped. Little does he know that his so-called job is in fact a trap set by Danny's arch-enemy, Vlad Plasmius.
  • Beauty and the Ghost - Danny must protect the winner of a beauty contest from a soul-eating entity known as a Xatobrut from eating her soul.
  • Pharaoh Tuck - After the Trekkie incident, Danny's friend Tucker has moved on to a new phase, Ancient Egypt. He finally manages to raise some cash in tomb raiding, along with a hot accomplice, Lara Croft. Unfortunately, his team raises some old spirit of an old pharaoh, who overshadows Tucker.
Opening for episode 54 of the Danny Phantom cartoon. This was the first episode to feature the Ghostbusters.
  • GREATEST Disasters of All Time - In a bizarre wish granted by Desiree, Danny had gotten into space when he was picked up by the Galactic Empire a few days before the Battle of Yavin. He the man on the Death Star who pressed the button, activating to laser for the of the destruction of Alderaan, and all of Alderaan's ghosts haunt him to this day, after he hitched a ride back to Earth.
  • Please Stab My Heart - CSI episode, a ruthless killer in Amity Park had stabbed a classmate of Danny's, Trevor, right through the heart. All the clues had pointed to the ghost boy, until Danny clears his name by showing that Skulker did it as a hired assassin job, mistaking Trevor for Danny. This episode was commended on realism, as all high schools have a death count of one or two students each year, whether it be car crashes, drug overdoses, murders, or medication conflictions.
  • Not-So-Kind Red Spirits - With a new retro-fad all over Amity Park, everyone is playing Pac-Man, and losing Pac-Man lives. Eventually, all the Pac-Man guys, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Sue, and Pac-Man, who all are red now, have become malicious vandals everywhere. And it's Danny's job to round 'em all up.
  • Virtual Reality Trip (Movie #3) - Danny, who got his friends into another hilarious mess, had signed up to be a beta-tester for the new video game for the holo-deck, "Thy Dunjinman (sic) Virtual Reality" in which the entire game is an adventure that changes each time you play, and is controlled by whatever random thing you encounter, immersing all 5 (yes, 5, or in Danny's case, 6) all in the classic Thy Dunjinman type-reply format. However, the game gets screwed up due to an insane man bent on controlling reality, real or not, with the help of technopathic ghost Technus.

Season 3[edit]

  • Eye for an Arm - Vlad runs for president of Denmark but settles for Amity Park. Meanwhile Danny must battle the Dark Lord Ronald McDonald who is also also running for mayor.Eventually Vlad gets bored so he kills the Dark Lord and automatically becomes mayor.
  • Racist comments Danny posts racist comments about vlad,technus and skulker on myspace. When they find out they threaten to castrate him. Meanwhile tucker tries to kill danny,s sister.
  • Racist comments part 2

After vlad,technus and skulker threaten to castrate danny he plans to suck them into the fenton thermos and throw the fenton thermos into the ghost zone forever and destroy all the portals to the ghost zone.

  • Infinitely Stupid Realms - Danny gets lost again, and his ship breaks down so he can't get out. But now with the InfiMap to help him, he gets into many shenannigans.
  • Girls Fight Out - The female half of Danny's foes realize they all hate men for being filthy beasts of meat and hair, and go out to get rid of all of them, making a the world a better place with no jerky men.
  • Water Torent of Terrible Terror - As mayor, Vlad decides to flood Amity with the help of a ghost called Vortex but Danny can't swim so he must either stop Vortex by using his emotions to control the weather, in a bittersweet way to save the town and that froot loop Vlad.
  • Racist Comments - Danny posts RACIST comments about Desiree on myspace. When Desiree discovers that danny is posting RACIST comments on myspace,she fucks his sister and sues danny for 223.78 billion dollars while danny,s friends try to kill his mom and dad. To Be Continued
  • Racist comments part 2 AKA why are you doing this?

  • Forever Fanfic - With the Ghosts Of Bad Writing invading the studio, the writers ran out of plotlines and look for a likely candidate among the better fan fictions, settling on some GIW biological weapons project and a ghost-clone of Spiderman.
  • Rumble in the Urban Jungle - As the Irken Armada, who is mad at Danny and his hometown for stopping their impending invasion of Earth, decide to have humans secretly do their job for them by sterilizing Amity Park and paving it over with malls. A ghost protector of plant life gets increasingly angry and destroys the Irken development.
  • Livin' Large and in Charge - The GIW buy FentonWorks for a whole lot of money. The Fentons think that with the money they have they can buy a Lunar Warehouse to continue their research, but a ghost overrides the station, ties up the Fentons, and uses the orbital laser to rain doom on the planet.
  • One Box to Rule Them All - Being upset at not getting enough credit as a supervillian, The Box Ghost steals Pandora's box and unleashes all kinds of unspeakable evil.
  • FrightChair - Danny is the unwitting new specimen for a Nightmare Machine, a chair with a helmet on it that projects your worst fears. Now he and his sister are trapped in a room in Hologram Fun World, and have to fight their way through their worst fears to get out of the mess.

Claw of the Wild - After escaping the Ghost Zone, Wulf (voiced by Antonio Bandaras), the wolf ghost, returns to FentonWorks to hide. After seeing the full moon, Wulf goes insane, biting Sam and clawing his way back to the Ghost Zone. Now Sam, when ever seeing a depiction of the moon regardless of it's phase, turns into werewolf-ghost! Can Danny save Sam from herself? (features cameo by Micheal J. Fox as the Teen Wolf)

D-Stabelized - That obnoxious clone of Danny's, Danielle, comes back with her instability fixed. Now she's going about screwing up Danny's life, pretending to be his cousin.

Phantom Planet - Earth gets overrun by ghosts, and Earth then becomes a part of the Ghost Zone. And there's a zombie army that bugs the ghosts.

  • Ghostbusted (Movie #5) - Danny's first encounter with the Ghostbusters (Voiced by Themselves) is documented in this hour-long episode where he and the Ghostbusters must save the world from the evil ghost known as Siffler (Voiced by Donald Trump). Events from this episodes are used as a basis for the Danny Phantom DC comicbook.(Also starring Mick Jagger as "The Scoleri Brothers".) This episode serves as the series finale.


  • 2 episodes that were especially loved by fans were episode 13-13 Going on Jersey and Ghostbusted- the series' finale.
  • Other than "Ghostbusted", there is another known episode of the Danny Phantom cartoon that featured the Ghostbusters that would have been produced if the series had not been cancelled. The episode would be a sequal to an episode of the Ghostbusters' cartoon series "The Real Ghostbusters", in which a ghost from the Ghostbusters' past, Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, escaped from the containment unit in the Ghostbusters' Amity Park HQ to take revenge. It is up to Danny Phantom to help the Ghostbusters stop Samhain before he engulfs the world in eternal darkness. The episode's working title was "Blast from Halloween's Past". Because the episode was not produced, it was instead made into a 2-part comic comprised of issues 18 and 19 of Danny Phantom Comics entitled "The Return of Samhain".
  • Had the series continued, the Ghostbusters would have had a much larger role and would have appeared several more episodes(8-10 episodes per season).
  • Unlike the first 2 seasons all the season 3 episodes after "Ghostbusted" were not based on real life happenings.
  • The corporation that broadcast this cartoon had very many irked fans during the famous Season 3 Scheduling Scandal. First, US had gotten the sixth episode of the third season, and no one understood what was going on, because Vlad didn't become Mayor yet and they didn't know who the yetis were, despite the fact Danny seemed to know, creating a huge plot hole. That, and no one liked that episode due to the huge plot drift in the middle. Then, Latin America had gotten the first two episodes of the season, along with six others on the same day a week later. Canada only got the first episode of the third season in English. After many fans placed blame on the network and came with pitchforks, a number of executives were fired.
  • A special pilot episode shows danny getting an exorcism.

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