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Danny Phantom Comics Issue #35: Ghostapocolypse.

“The art is good, the story lines are interesting, and the penmanship is fair. However, the main character, regardless of the fact that he is real, is a blatant rip-off of such superheroes as "The Spectre"! I also believe I should note that this comic book series has stolen several concepts from "Ghostbusters"! Also, I am disgusted at the fact that DC Comics would sell out to a lesser brand such Nickelodeon just because the ran out of ideas and new original characters to publish in their comics! I will now post my disgust of this on the internet!”

~ Comic Book Guy on Danny Phantom Comics

“Ooh, my Spidey sense is tingling! Never have I read such a great comic book! Maybe I should have come up with a superhero who had ghost-powers instead of one with spider-powers...”

~ Stan Lee on Danny Phantom Comics

“I am beginning to think that Stan Lee's mind is no longer in mint condition.”

~ Comic Book Guy on Stan Lee

Danny Phantom Comics was a short-lived comic book series published by DC Comics. It is based on the popular documentary series, Danny Phantom. It began selling in stores one year after Danny Phantom: The Animated Documentary Series ended it's run. Although the comic book series was based on a documentary series, all the plots of the various issues were fictitious and thus not canon with the documentary series that it was based on. The only aspect of "Danny Phantom Comics" that fans of both the Danny Phantom documentary and comic book series considered to be even slightly canon with the TV documentary series were the issues of the comic book where Danny Phantom teamed up with the Ghostbusters as those issues were slightly based on true events in that in real life, Danny "Phantom" Fenton actually did join forces with the Ghostbusters on several occasions(only one episode of the Danny Phantom Documentary series, the series finale, documents one of Danny's team ups with the Ghostbusters).

Controversy and Demise[edit]

When "Danny Phantom Comics" first hit shelves with Issue #1: The Amity Park Horror, many fans of The Danny Phantom cartoon were outraged due to the the comic book's obvious word-play on, the classic horror movie, The Amityville Horror, as well as the blatant rip-off of the movie's storyline. As more issues of Danny Phantom Comics were published and sold, fans also became outraged at the fact that the story lines of the comics were all fictitious and not cannon with the documentary series. In 2006, due to the rising controversy, Nickelodeon(The network that owned the rights to "Danny Phantom: The Animated Documentary Series"), made DC Comics quietly end production of "Danny Phantom Comics" after Issue #35: Ghostapocolypse was published and sold. Although Issues #36-100 were printed, published, but not sold, DC Comics continues to reprint and distribute Issues #1-35 of "Danny Phantom Comics", refusing to release the new issues.


Below is the list of published Issues #1-35 of Danny Phantom Comics.

  • Issue #1: The Amity Park Horror - Danny's ghost-obsessed parents drag him and his friends with them to visit Amityville's infamous mansion to investigate the past ghost-related murders that occurred there. However, they get more than they bargained for when they are faced with some very angry demonic spirits that may just be to much for them.
  • Issue #2: The Return of Siffler - Siffler(the ghost who's last appearance was in the series finale of the Danny Phantom cartoon series), escapes from the ghost zone to exact his revenge on Danny Phantom for aiding the ghostbusters in trapping him.
  • Issue #3: The Box Factory of Doom - The Box Ghost finds a new home in an abandoned box factory. There is just one problem- a demon who resides in the box factory has put a curse on it, and he wants The Box Ghost out. So The Box Ghost enlists Danny Phantom's help in ridding his new home of the demon.
  • Issue #4: Double Scoleri Trouble - The Scoleri brothers escape from the ghost zone and use their powers over electricity to cause a blackout in Amity Park. It is up to Danny Phantom to bring the 2 dead murdurers to justice.
  • Issue #5: Ctrl, Alt, DELETE! - Technus, the ghost master of technology escapes from the ghost zone and trys to use the internet to destroy Danny Phantom.
  • Issue #6: Youngblood's Revenge - "Captain" Youngblood and his snooty shape shifting pet skeleton escape the ghost zone, this time in the guise of a knight and his horse, and transport themselves, along with Danny to medieval times to exact his revenge.
  • Issue #7: 13 Going on Ghostly - Johnny 13's girlfriend is "ghostnapped" by a demon who requires a ghost for his master plan for world domination. Johnny then enlists Danny Phantom's help in rescuing his girlfriend.
  • Issue #8: Ember McLain and the Song of Doom! - Ghostly diva, Ember McLain discovers that her music can awaken and take control of an ancient, ghost eating entity. So she uses the creature to get her revenge on Danny.
  • Issue #9: Enter Casper and the Ghostly Trio - The Ghost Zone's greatest hunter, Skulker has captured Casper the friendly ghost because according to Skulker, Casper is "unique". Casper's uncles, otherwise known as "The Ghostly Trio", enlist Danny's help to get Casper back or according to them, the won't have anyone to beat up on.
  • Issue #10: Ectoplasmius - Danny's arch-enemy, Vlad "Plasmius" Masters discovers the "mood slime" that plagued New York city in 1989, and uses it to increase his own powers. Can Danny stop Vlad before he becomes to powerful?
  • Issue #11: Who Ya Gonna Call?(pt1) - After being evicted from his painting in 1989, the spirit of Vigo the Carpathian makes his way to the Amity Park art museum and takes shelter in another painting of himself. Vigo then takes control of Tucker who happened to be at the museum looking at the "16th Century Moldavian Rulers" exhibit and uses him to find the perfect vessel to inhabit.
  • Issue #12: Who Ya Gonna Call?(pt2) - Once the Ghostbusters hear of Vigo's return at the art museum, they immediately go to Amity Park to aid Danny in freeing Tucker from Vigo's control and defeat the fiend once and for all.
  • Issue #13: The Fright Knight Returns - After accidentally being released by Vlad Plasmius, The Fright Knight escapes into the living world and terrorizes peoples' dreams.
  • Issue #14: Clockwork's Misadventures In Time(pt1) - The ghost master of time and space, Clockwork, loses his staff that allows him to control time via time paradox.
  • Issue #15: Clockwork's Misadventures In Time(pt2) - Clockwork finally finds his staff in a very distant future in the middle of Armageddon. Clockwork must then save the world from the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Issue #16: The Titanic Ghost Ship - Ghost Pirate Captain Youngblood, not wanting to be defeated by Danny Phantom again, raises the Titanic from the ocean to use as his new ship. However, by doing this he has also awakened malevolent spirits that reside within the ship.
  • Issue #17: Day of the Ghoulies - A group of Danny's enemies, lead by Skulker team up to try and take him out.
  • Issue #18: The Return of Samhain(pt1) - The Ghostbusters' old nemesis Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, escapes from the containment unit and leaves New York looking for a new town to terrorize. Samhain then arrives in Amity Park on Halloween and takes Danny's family hostage in their house.
  • Issue #19: The Return of Samhain(pt2) - The Ghostbusters quickly arrive in Amity Park to help Danny combat Samhain. With the Ghostbusters' help, Danny captures Samhain in the Fenton Thermose and banishes him to the Ghost Zone.
  • Issue #20: The Rise of Technustron 12 - Technus escapes from the Ghost Zone, breaks into a nuclear testing facility, and steals several nuclear weapons for which he uses to build himself a new body that if destroyed, will cause a devastating nuclear explosion.
  • Issue #21: The Greater Evil - Satan decides to begin his reign of terror over earth. starting with Amity Park. It is up to Danny to save his town- as well as the world from the age-old evil that has existed since the dawn of time.
  • Issue #22: Powers of Age - Danny is turned into a twenty year old by the witch like ghost Spectra. Everyone thinks he is insane and tries to kill him. Danny must master the new powers his older self has and defeat Spectra for good and get turned back to normal.
  • Issue #23: Vlad vs. The Ghostbusters(pt1) - Vlad Plasmius is experimenting with creating ghost animal monsters to destroy Danny Phantom with. Unfortunately for him the ghosts he hired to realese them accidentally put them on the Ghosbuster's HQ and left a note telling them where to find Vlad. The Ghostbusters team up with Danny Phantom to kick Vlad's but.
  • Issue #24: Vlad vs. The Ghostbusters(pt2) - The battle continues.
  • Issue #25: Ecto-Cloning - Stilled upset about his defeat by at the hands of the Ghostbusters Vlad clones himself into an uncontrollable army. Danny must team up with his enemies (who are jealous of Vlad) to save the day.
  • Issue #26: The Haunting of the Fentons - A mysterious ghost is haunting Danny's parents and sister but whenever he springs into action the entity is gone. Can Danny get to the bottom of this mystery.
  • Issue #27: The Ghost Man of Alcatraz - Danny's parents drag Danny and his sister with them to San Fransisco to investigate the haunted prison Alcatraz. At the same time, Danny's foe Walker the ghost warden and his cronies enter the real world and turn the abandoned prison into their new base of operations and Walker recruits the resident ghosts of the prison to be his new henchmen. However, this includes the ghost of an old relative of Jack who died in Alcatraz many years before.
  • Issue #28: The Almighty - Danny is summoned by God (who coincidentally lives in the Ghost Zone) who warns Danny that he will have to face Satan once again and defeat Satan in order to prevent the end of the world. It is also revealed in this issue that Clockwork is God's second in command.
  • Issue #29: The Ghost Zone Revisited - An alien enters the ghost zone, one who absorbs ghost powers.
  • Issue #30: Subway Line to Nowhere - Danny enters a train that leads into the Ghost Zone's gates of Hell.
  • Issue #31: Return of the Ghostbusters(pt1) - The Ghostbusters are called back to Amity Park when Danny is accused of attacking the mayor.
  • Issue #32: Return of the Ghostbusters(pt2) - Danny and the Ghostbusters discover Vlad sent a dopplegagner ghost made by TAPS to frame Danny.
  • Issue #33: Master Plan of Plasmius(pt1) - Vlad's master plan is revealed, he is taking control of a powerful moonsized ghost named Endzone, a ghost with the power to absorb worlds.
  • Issue #34: Master Plan of Plasmius(pt2) - Vlad loses control of Endzone and now Danny must save Earth from being absorbed out of existance.
  • Issue #35: Ghostapocolypse - (AKA "Crisis on Infinite Ghosts") Danny is captured and dragged down to the 10th level of Hell by a revenge-seeking Satan so that he cannot interfere while Satan's minions try to conquer earth for the second time. Can Danny, with the help of the Ghostbusters as well as his old foes, save the world from Armageddon?

Unreleased Issues (35-100)[edit]

The following issues were never release due to the cancellation of Danny Phantom Comics. It is confirmed that Marvel will release them along with a supposed "second" series of comics.

  • Issue #36: Were-Wulf - After saving the world with the help of the Ghostbusters, Danny Fenton and his friends attempt to gain some R&R, but when Vlad, mad with revenge, tampers with the water supply in the girls locker rooms, the entire female student body begins to turn into Were-Wulfs! Danny goes into the Ghost Zone to find Wulf and an antidote before time runs out.
  • Issue #37: Fantome Amour - A French ghost falls for Danny and won't stop until he is her boyfriend... FOREVER!
  • Issue #38: Enter the Quincy, Part I - An eccentric, bespectacled, Japanese exchange student brings a whole host of new troubles with him upon enrolling at Casper High. Almost as soon as he arrives, Danny finds himself attacked by strange, masked spirits that seem invisible to everyone but him and the new kid. Things complicate further when the exchange student reveals that he knows Danny's secret identity, and that he has powers, too!
  • Issue #39: Enter the Quincy, Part II - The mysterious new guy reveals himself to Danny as Uryu Ishida, the last of an ancient clan of super-powered human ghost hunters called the Quincy. He proclaims that Danny is his enemy, and challenges him to a contest to see who can take out the most evil spirits. However, their contest attracts an enormous army of malevolent ghosts to Amity Park, forcing the two to work together to protect the citizens from certain doom.
  • Issue #40: Rock Star Treatment - After a battle to save a country rock star, Danny develops a secret relationship, romantic and physical, with Ember.
  • Issue #41: Fatal Distraction - Danny finds himself an unlikely mediator in a fight between Valerie and Ishida. Preoccupied with stopping the feud, as well as keeping his new relationship a secret, he leaves himself vulnerable to attack by Skulker, who has come to collect both his and the young Quincy's bounties.
  • Issue #42 Ultimate Destroyer - Danny and Dani find themselves in the negative Ghost Zone, where a monster plans to destroy Earth.
  • Issue #43 Romeo & Juliet: Danny & Ember - Danny starts spending more time with his ghostly girlfriend Ember... even as a human. (This is the first time we see a sex scene in the Danny Phantom Comics, in this case Danny and Ember) After a week, Ember mysteriously ends their relationship, but still plans to make Danny her rock n' roll king when she "rules Earth".
  • Issue #44 Legend of Cthulhu - Danny finds the Necronomicon and discovers a plan to revive the most powerful evil in all existence... CTHULHU!
  • Issue #45 Ghost Infection - Danny and Dani must save the Ghost Zone when an infection causes ghosts to turn violent and mindless.
  • Issue #46 Possible situation - Danny Fenton meets a venturing Kim Possible and falls for her... mean time Ember is back needing to tell Danny something.
  • Issue #47 Danny & Ember... PARENTS?! - Ember attacks all of the girls Danny likes and has slept with... because she's pregnant with his baby. This is due that his semen has bits of ecto in them and for Ember, it supercharged the chances of pregnancy. They decide to keep it a secret until they figure out what to do...
  • Issue #48 Eye of the Tiger - A pack of ghost tigers rob the museum, under the control of an evil ghost Lion named Leo.
  • Issue #49 "Freddy Krueger Jr." - Danny faces the four year-old rape son of Freddy Krueger and Lori Campbell.


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