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A Danny Phantom Phanboy is a person or nerd that has dedicated more than 3/4 of their life to the show Danny Phantom

Signs that you are a Danny Phantom Phanboy[edit]

There are many signs that you are a Danny Phantom Phanboy. The most common are

  • You've seen every episode more than 8 times.
  • A hot girl offers to have sex with you and you reply "No thanks I'm going to watch Danny Phantom"
  • You own a Toyota
  • You spend your days on a forum talking about Danny Phantom.
  • You sang the Danny Phantom theme song for your audition on American Idol.
  • You know how to program a VCR.
  • You dye your hair white.
  • If your a guy you write numerous fanfictions of you making out with Danny.
  • If your a girl you write numerous fanfictions of you becoming a guy and making out with Danny.
  • You make out with a Danny Phantom action figure.
  • Butch Hartman has a restraining order on you.
  • You enjoy Classical Music.
  • You're reading this article.


Danny Phantom Phanboys never meet in real life since they are afraid of the sun or something or other. Instead the meet up on forums or chatrooms. They will usually spend 8 or more hours going on about how hot Danny is and complaining that the show is going to be cancelled. Recently there have been RPGs where Danny teams up with a group of Phanboys to save the world from hippies and the next Harry Potter book.


The most common activities for a Phanboy are: complaining about the cancellation, Masturbating to pictures of Danny in his underwear, writing goth (poser) poetry, getting high, making fake episodes and sending them to CBS (why, no one knows), and interactive RPGs where Danny has a massive orgy with all his Phanboys.


Like many foreign languages, French, Portuguese, Dungeon-and-Dragonese, Danny Phantom has its own language. Using top of the line computers and a Rosetta Stone we were able to translate some of their common sayings.

  • Phanboy saying: I had sex with a cheerleader last night.
  • English: I jerked off to a picture of Danny in a cheerleader outfit.

  • Phanboy saying: I got a 100 on my Math test.
  • English: I scored a 100% on a Danny Phantom quiz.

  • Phanboy saying: I was voted most popular kid in school.
  • English: I'm the 43 most popular character in the Danny Phantom role play.

Well Known Danny Phantom Phanboys[edit]

Danny Phantom Phanboys in Popular Culture[edit]

  • In Gone With the Wind Scarlet tells her slave "Shut up you stupid negro" to which he replies "At least I'm not a Danny Phantom Phanboy"
  • In Rocky XVII Rockies hooker tells him that there is no way that he can defeat Bruce Lee after he's fused with George Foreman, its not like he's fighting a Danny Phantom Phanboy
  • A Geico commercial says so easy even a Danny Phantom Phanboy can do it.
  • In Scary Movie 57 the Scooby Doo gang open up a door to hell and find that its full of lawyers, demons, and Danny Phantom Phanboys
  • In World of Warcraft when you are passing up some elf/troll/goblin thing it ask you a riddle that is "What never leaves the computer, thinks sex is a kind of horn, and spends their whole life watching a cartoon about a boy in spandex fighting ghosts?" the anwser is of course a forum moderator, I mean Danny Phantom Phanboy.
  • In Soylent Purple the infamous line is "Soylent Purple is Danny Phantom Phanboys"
  • In A Sound of Thunder the main character goes back in time and has sex with a T-Rex then comes to a future were Danny Phantom Phanboys rule the world
  • In a Butterfly Effect the messed up dude changes time so Mad T.V. doesn't exist and ends up in a world were the only thing on T.V. is Danny Phantom and Saturday Night Live.

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