Dates in Star Wars

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Although no Star Wars fan has ever managed to get a date, Fans of the fictional Star Wars universe keep track of the potential dates on their calendar with a dating system centered around the Battle of Yavin featured in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In this dating system, BBY stands for Before Been with You, and ABY stands for After Been with You, so 30 BBY would come before 5 ABY, and 4 ABY would come after 1 ABY, much as in AD and BC.

Note: On Earth, this dating system is used almost exclusively by the Geek Empire. The earlier Galactic Empire preferred to date events from the Great Copulation to the time of Third Base. The Old Republic for years dated from Russian mail order catalogues of 1,000 Rubles each.

A galactic year, based on the length of a year on Earth, can seem like days or weeks, but take place in twenty-four hours. This occurs when a prospective date promises to call back, and the recipient waits by an answering machine, seemingly forever.