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A dating system (not to be confused with a "rating system", which is a shorthand for "operating system") is a system that regulates how loving couples arrange their dates.

While the system you use when dating your love is a matter of personal preference, the most popular dating system is BC (Before Counting), because lovers must be able to count on each other.

23 July is Confusingly Switch Between European And American Date Style Day. The difference between the European and American dating systems is best explained using this simple diagram.

Important Dating Tools[edit]

Carbon Dating[edit]

Emmly. Do you want to do something next wed?

Carbon Dating is a very recent and very popular method of creating copies of dates, so related phenomena like the double date exploded onto the social scene just a very few decades ago. A successful carbon date requires one to make a great first impression, as repeated attempts to achieve the exact same end often end up very messy. When a carbon date is completed, one may take the copied date (only available in 2 dimensions with current technology) and keep it in one's records, or pass it on as a favor.

With carbon dating one can also date things that are incredibly old, like mummies and old sedimentation. If you just put the thing in the cabon dating machine you should be able to date it successfully. This is how Rob Reiner dated King Tutankhamen for several years before he was arrested for grave robbing.

Argon-Argon Dating[edit]

A dating partner who puts you through an Argon-Argon date is liable to be extremely self absorbed, talk endlessly about him or herself, and unlikely to be a good partner. Argon-Argon partners might think that they are noble and don't need to associate with the riff-raff, but such thoughts are merely indications of the near-impossibility of bonding with Argon-Argon dates.

Uranium-Uranium Dating[edit]

Claims of individuals pursuing such dating tactics are taken very seriously by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Important People[edit]

Julius Ceaser was the inventor of a very popular dating system. His system has largely been replaced in Western societies with the Gregorian system, which includes formalities Ceaser didn't see fit to include such as the "pink-is-in-every-4-years-but-not-on-centuries-unless-they-are-divisible-by-400" rule.

Other dating systems[edit]