Daughters of the American Red States

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The oldest patriotic organization of its kind in USA and its colonies, especially within the Red States.

DARS Founder

About the DARS[edit]

An organization founded by women. About women, for women and around women. Women with an E. None of that "Y" malarkey.

The Daughters of the American Red States (DARS) is an outgrowth of many local memorial, monument, and Red State home associations and auxiliaries to polling places of the United Voters of the Red States that were organized after the War of 2000, better known as the election of 2000. In case it is not clear, it is the oldest patriotic organization of its kind in our country, and especially within the Red States.

the great Red State Voters


Membership is open to women no less than 16 years of age who are blood descendants lineal or collateral of men and women who voted in a Red State. Special consideration is made to voters in the Peoples Republic of Florida which is not a Red State nor a Blue State, but a Purple State. Applicants of Florida need only to provide a certified copy of the voting transcript for the registered voter of ancestry.

Rednecks are mostly descended from northern Irish immigrants who immigrated to the United States because of its then ban on Catholics, a law that was sadly overturned by the supreme court in 1986. This also illustrates the biggest difference between rednecks (who are usually Baptist, or snake handlers) vs. white trash (who are usually Catholic.)


The objectives of the organization are Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial and Patriotic:

  • To collect and preserve the material necessary for a truthful history of the War of 2000 and to protect, preserve, and mark the places made historic by Red State Voting
  • To assist descendants of Red State Voters in securing a proper husband
  • To fulfill the sacred duty of benevolence toward the survivors of the War and those dependent upon them
  • To cherish the ties of friendship among the members of the Organization

Motto and Emblem[edit]

The emblem of the DARS is a pork rind superimposed on a five-pointed star. Their triple platinum hit-single goes something like this: Americans cannot get any truth out of their government about anything, the economy included. At the tips of the points are the words of the motto: LOVE, HONOR, OBEY, COOK, CLEAN.

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