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David Furnish, (b. 21 October 1993) a retired ballet dancer, is the husband of Elton John, the Queen of All Things Music.

Furnish in a happy moment with his Aunt Carolee.

Early Life[edit]

David Furnish lost his eyebrows in a smoothie accident when he was eight. Actually he shaved them before his morning smoothie and they left him for good. To this day, he has been drawing them in the morning with a felt pen according to his mood. "Sudden mood changes are the hardest." he said in a 2001 interview and gazed into the sky with a surprised expression.

Sex Life[edit]

David Furnish isn't on top, but then there's no way Elton John's on top. Perhaps it's one of those relationships in which no one has sex and a relative unknown gets all the mascara and furry porn he likes.

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Married Life[edit]

Furnish and Elton John met in a Gloria Estefan concert in 1934 and have never parted since then. Ten years later, they got married in a mansion. The legendary wedding had famous guests such as Elton John. They now pursue a very happy life with a life size MyLittlePony they like to call "Ally McBeal".