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Day was an article written for the Noob only writing competition 2012!
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Day is a federal prison in which the inmate is forced to wake up, go to work, eat crap, go on Uncyclopedia, and finally get "recess hours" when going to bed.

Unlike most prison camps, Day is not set over an array of space, but rather a period of time.

Timeline of Day[edit]

8:00 This is usually when the prisoner enters. The prisoner enters Day in a natural way of body, and his boss. He enters by waking up, getting dressed, going downstairs (That's what she said!) and having breakfast. 9:00 The prisoner must now enter a unique concentration camp, known to many as work. He enters by getting on a bus. Unfortanetly, the bus is filled with idiots. 10:00 The prisoner has now arrived in the city. The bis stops at hos building, and he is put to work. He slithers onto the elevator, surrounded by fakes wearing smiles. The prisoner has arrived in his office. He sits down at his cubicle, in front of his computer, and immediately writes n00b shit for Uncyclopedia. Of course, this "n00b shit" is just him ranting about how much his life sucks. He continues to do this for two hours or so. 12:00 The bell rings, and he rides the elvator downstairs for lunch. He eats this lunch gracefully, only to be interrupted by a ringing bell. He then rides the elevator back up to his cell once more. 1:00 The prisoner has been on Uncyclopedia for an hour now since lunch. His boss enters the room, so he quickly hides his window and pretends to work. His boss then just leaves. Whew, that was a close one. 6:55 This is when the prisoner makes up for the work he has not been doing all day. He then easily hands it in and gets right back on Uncyclopedia. 7:00 A census shows that this is 69% of prisoners' favorite part of the day. He is permitted to take his bus home, and then chills out for a few hours. 1:00...again The prisoner can now go to bed, being freed from Day and released into Night...for now.