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Death Squads[edit]

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Death Squads are part of the elite Clantonian Military Forces, the C.M.F

these squads include:

Pony Squads - these are the backbone of the organisation and fight by stampeding and crushing opposition.
US Navy Seals - These seals are specialy trained and have inbuilt bombs and detonators. the detonator is located in there flippers as seals 'clap' alot, 4 claps will detonate the highly explosive charge within them therfore causing the seal to explode, while a further clap quickly will undo detonation.

they are normally deployed via Paratrooper Aircraft.

The Death Squads are proven extremely lethal against those that cant fight back, e.g. old people, children, rabbits, wood...

Clantonia History:

Clantonia is the secret side of england, Richard Clancy being 'emporer' of a sort of the land. He conquered britain after a long and grueling 3 month campaign, his base of operationg being none other then legendary Warrington.

Currently R.Clancy is planning to invade Europe via germany using his endles armies of animal 'friends'.

Clancy's Idea for world domination

It all began was day in the science classroom with silly and balding Mr Trevatt, sat at the book with me and his other to freinds, russel and matt, he began to contemplate demonation of the world via images of england/europe in the back of his planner.

Upon the approuch of the every suspicious Mr Trevatt richard would hide his plans for fear they would be stolen and used against him.