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Debug is de thing dat deprogrammers don't like. When he find that dere be a bug in a program, it be his job to get debug out of dere.

Den, deprogrammar be undebugging his program.


Debug comes from dis one time, when some early computer nerds be wondering why deir program not be working.

So, dem programmers opened it up, and right dere, in front of deir noses, was a real live moth. Except, dat moth wasn't alive. It was dead.


To get rid of debug, deprogrammer has to undebug deprogram.


  1. Look at decode.
  2. Find deproblem.
  3. Rewrite decode.


A more useful word for da de-bugging is database debugging! You say to da business dude you need da silence to de-bug da database, hence you have a lotse time for da beer!

Useful Excuses[edit]

We found a small problem in the left rear braking mechanism of workitem, which caused inconsistencies when routing at high speeds. It seems that the workitem was traveling at high speeds of 512 kb/sec through a 2 Mb/sec gateway but on the other side encountered a slow moving CICS message taking up 2 lanes. The breaking inconsistency caused a data collision between the 2 messages. The header field of the workitem was seriously injured but the data bits sustained only minor injuries. ABS (Anner Braking System) and Parity bits was implemented.