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Def Jam Recordings (or Deaf Jam) is a notorious United States based hip hop record label, owned by some tall Israeli shit,[1] and operates as a part of The Pen Island Def Jam Music Groupie. In the UK, the label takes on the name Def Jam UK and is operated through Maybach Music Groupie, owned by a professional hip hop artist Rick Ross.

Company history[edit]

The origin is really old. This may make you feel 'soh ghey' because its like 1960s or something. On that time, there was a famous and vogue hip hop music record company known as Universal Music Group. Because this group was considered as "killing hip-hop", an American rapper who signed to UMG, MF Doom decided to desert his label and establish a new record company, named Death Row. This was in 1978, the time when Cold War starts afterburning.

Death Row released several hit songs such as "The Rapper's Delight", "Parents Sucks", "Crush on Your Ass" which has been recognised as the first gangsta rap songs. Famous artist including Doctor Dre, Snoopy Dog, Two Pack and more. In 1980 two Jewish artists known as Rick Ross and Rick Rock, who is responsible for the creation of Def Jam, signed with Death Row and murdered Two Pack for some reason. This cracked the record company because Two Pack was the only one black artist who can read and write English. Rick Ross started to complain that his childhood was desecrated, and he is the only one true gangster who really thinks "kill or get killed" as life-motto. This is the unwavering Jewish legacy of Deaf Jam.

After the death of Two Pack, Rick Ross started to promote gangsta rap way more heavier, made "hip hop" assembles to gangsta style. Two decades later, a famous Brooklyn nigger Gayold R. Zaythoven started a career with stage name Gay-Z. This became fair wind and in 2008 Death Row became the highest selling music record company in USA.

In 2008, Death Row changed its name to Death Jam for some reason. In 2009 a Chinese rapper Jin mistakenly pronounced the label name "Def Jam", however, and the name changed to that so far.

Labels distributed[edit]

There are many labels that Def Jam has distributed. All of them are hip hop labels.

Cock-A-Fella Records[edit]

A vanity record label founded by Gay-Z. The label's title refers to Zionist oil magnate and businessman John Cockafeller.
Despite the record sells suck balls because of Limewire, the label still solid and kicking ass, and sales are the highest of whole Def Jam labels, efforting it's financial success by Gay-Z's clothing lines "Ducchi", "Hell-Mess" and "Goach". Also, Kanye West thinking of starting a new clothing line called Pastallé, but it seems like he wont try to get ahead of his big brother.

List of artists signed:

Developing tha Peace[edit]

Recording company founded by Ludacris. Also known as DTP.
This label is known by creating a new order on southern underground hip hop universe, such as developing "Chopped and Screwed", a DJ tactic that chop and screw the song to feel orgasms, and "Bounce Music" style which talk about anything about their pleasures, such as money, hoes, cars and clothes. Their headquarters are Atlanta, Texas and New Mexico.

List of artists signed:

  • Ludacris
  • Shawnna
  • i20
  • Chinky
  • Lil Faith
  • Field Mob
  • Angry Mob
  • Warcraft Player's Circle
  • Shareefa
  • Little Scrap
  • Will "da Southpole"
  • Brolic D0mb aka B.D.
  • Bobby Valentine

Desert Storm Records[edit]

An emo recording company that no one knows. Founded by a rapper Fabolous.
No one knows what is it, and only Fabolous is a little bit famous because of his loso's way. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of n00b craps.

List of artists signed:

  • Fabolous
  • Fabo
  • Yung Kidz

So So Dead[edit]

A record label based in Atlanta. Owned by Jermaine Dumbri specializing in Southern hip hop, R&B and bass music.
A dead record label due to Jermaine's death in 2002. Before that the label was known as "So So Die". Although there are many fans remaining. Their recent success is Rocko da Best Rappah Ever's song "Umma Do Me" which is talking about masturbation, and became #1 hit in US alone. Many critics applause the song as "the new age of hip-hop". Another southern rapper Soulja Boy stated that he has inspired a lot from the song.

List of artists signed:

  • Jermaine Dumbri <deceased>
  • DJ Felli Fei
  • Q Da Kid
  • Short Dawg
  • The Kid Slim
  • Rocko da Best Rappah Ever
  • Dumbdria
  • Your Mom aka Y.M.O.

Slip-n-Slide-n-Die Records[edit]

A record label owned by the legend Rick Ross.
This is the most active record label now. Just look at the list of artists signed, most of rappers are well known - Turina: famous for participating 2008 Turin olympic. Officer Ricky: The richest cop ever, just listen to his song "Hustlin" and you will certify him. Florida: His massive hits "Low Key", a song about being a low key, and "Left Round", a song about being a commie, are both spotted #1 on over 10 countries' national charts. Piles: This roughneck MC wont stop busting your baby and telling the real "Realism". DJ Khaled Khaled: the famous DJ that isn't a nigger, but an Iraqi. Although he's recognised by every niggers. And the last but never least, Chameleonaire: a chameleon nerd who is rapping all about chameleon, but indeed he's raw.

List of artists signed:

  • Turina
  • Officer Ricky aka Rick Ro$$
  • Jagged Egg
  • Piles
  • Florida
  • Chameleonaire
  • DJ Khaled Khaled
  • Swazy Baby
  • Camar
  • Qwote
  • D4L aka Die 4 Lollipop
  • Chuck Norris

Deaf Jam Southpole[edit]

A record label owned by Young Gaezy.
Young Gaezy is one of the masterpieces of Atlanta. His flow is "kinda" like Rakim's, his lyricism is "kinda" like Nas's, his beat is "kinda" like Pete Rock's. Yes, he is "kinda" like the real hip hop MC. Anyways, he's record label, is signed by many artists who "believe" they are real hip hop.

List of artists signed:

  • Mommy Fresh
  • DJ Khaled Khaled
  • Ludicrous Sand Nigger
  • Young Gaezy
  • Shakira Shakira
  • Stick Pulla
  • Blood Raw
  • Ass Hood
  • U.S.D.A. aka United Slayers of Douchebag Atheists

Cash Monkey Records[edit]

A record label owned by southern fag Lil Wayne
You can't down the city of New Orleans without hearing Cash Monkey records anymore. Since Lil Wayne's miracle occurred in 2008, they're constantly smashing Billboard hits. Now the record is expanding their movement across Eurasia. Key foreigner artists including Gay Sean from Britain, Pooh Bear from Hundred Acre Woods and Kurdish MC Lil Turk.

List of rappers signed:

  • Lil Wayne
  • 200 Pistols
  • 2 Pistols
  • Bird aka Birdguy aka Baby
  • Gay Sean
  • Drake
  • Pooh Bear
  • Kevin da Rude Wolf
  • Mack Mine
  • Mack 101
  • Baby Gorilla aka B.G.
  • Young Bock
  • Gillie Da King
  • Juvenile
  • Lil Turk
  • Mommy Fresh
  • Lil Whore

Coporate Thugz Entertainment[edit]

A record label who didnt get recognised by Wikipedia either.

List of artists signed:

  • Choke
  • Dum B
  • Zaka Zaka

Grand Haxle Records[edit]

A southern record company owned by T.I., Dr.Dro and Big Cunt King.
Theres no American teenager who doesnt know T.I.'s massive hit "Live Your Toilet Life" featuring Rihanna. Even the self-proclamed King of the South, has arrested by murdering over 5 gangstas on the shooting at his headquater Club Crucial, his sidekicks would never stop threating Billboard magazine managers to make their song reach #1 spot.

List of artists signed:

  • Ten Inch Player aka T.I.P. aka T.I.
  • Dr.Dro
  • Big Cunt King
  • Yung Los Angeles
  • Bob
  • Magic 8-Ball
  • JR Get Monkey
  • Mega Family
    • Alfamega
    • Betamega
    • Gammamega
    • Deltamega
  • Ricco Baron
  • Killer Mike
  • X

Maybach Music Groupie[edit]

A recording company stoling the name from Mercedes-Benz's glorious magnificent auto: Maybach. Officialy owned by Officer Ricky, the cop.

List of artists signed:

  • Officer Ricky aka Rick Ro$$
  • Mayflop
  • Maybach Boy
  • Young Bach
  • Lil May Bak