Demi Moore

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“In Soviet Russia Demi Moore bangs YOU!”

~ Russian reversal on Demi Moore

Such Lovely Unique Talent”

~ Everyone on Demi Moore

“Quoth the raven - Demi Moore”

~ Tamia on Edgar Allen Poe


Name Demi Moore

Other names Your mom

Born before the dinosaurs

Has slept with Everyone except you

Other info[edit]

Demi Moore is the sexiest of Patrick Moore's children, and unlike her brother Michael Moore she inherited a passion for stargrazing.

Demi will often be found at sampling stations or related spent napkin recepticals, stalking fruit and cheese wedges. As a member of the former Brat Pack she now dates one of the next generation of brats: Ashton Kutcher. Her uncle, Roger Moore, applauds her dating Kutcher. He himself often dated boys way-too-young during his years as a secret agent.

Selected works[edit]

  • Charlie's Angels: Full throat
  • Backdoor Sluts IX