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"Go ahead and chew my head off why don't ya"

-Franklin Roosevelt-

"Man i would Sooo eat her"

-Bill Clinton-

Word Origin:

             Demo = Demonic,demon-like.
             Cratic = Cratic.

Famous Democratic Rulers[edit]

  • Lyndon "Biggy" Johnson
  • Jimmy "The Wrench" Buchanan
  • Grover " Who the [email protected]#%@! names a kid Grover" Cleveland
  • Little Billy Clinton
  • Oh yeah and that old guy that builds houses you know the peanut guy
This little girl is toast.

Origins of American Democracy[edit]

Early records on the Democrats show them to be cannibalistic in nature. Some early appointed officials suffered extreme addictions to flesh. Franklin D. Roosevelt ,often pictured behind his custom desk once chewed off his own foot. the government of the united states went to great lengths to cover up this fact. To this day no other president has given so much of himself. The Democratic Party as we know today originally originated from... well actually no one really knows. Many believe it could have started when... nope- we still have no idea. Why anyone would decide to support economic destruction is unfathomable. Well not really homeless are good targets for foodstuffs. I mean if you need to eat someone. Seriously if you ate that whinny assed intern you know the pimple faced brat that screws up the Starbucks order, some lame ass soccer mom would raise ten kinds of hell with the local media. Oh and those pricks,god forbid they fall in your Cuisinart. The White House is actually littered with underground passages in which vagrants can be collected after hours in the capitol.

Early Democratic Cuisine[edit]

Hobo,its whats for dinner!

Little is known about early democratic cuisine, but much has been speculated. A excerpt from the 1760 book "Poor Richards Bathroom Reader" stated that Saturday night was alright for fighting, but Sunday we eat the hobos. Many early Americans perished to the perils of power hungry politicians. Not only in the battles that ensued between waring parties but the large feasts following key victories. By majority vote it was considered that the elderly were way to tough to consume and led to the frequent sick days of senate members on both sides of the party line. Soon congress enacted the social security program to keep the elderly off American streets and out of democratic pantries.

Sponge Bob Hungry-man Dinner Hour.

It is speculated that the rise in cannibalism within the party was a creation of necessity. The rise in unemployment caused by the Great Depression filled the streets with an ever growing counter culture of hobo's. Early legislation on the matter proposed simply feeding the homeless to the hungry. This worked initially but lost speed as the hungry were to homeless themselves. So it was decided that the only why to lower the number of human refuse was to feed them to more deserving rich type upper class diners. The often misunderstood 13th amendment carried with it a foot note giving full cooking power to the powerful. The only provision was that the eaten party was to be a non-registered voter and/or republican.

Democratic Children s Network[edit]

The much enjoyed brain child of Al Gore, was to be a stepping stone for young democrats everywhere. The slightly underfunded and now defunct childrens television network. It was soon replaced by the now popular channel-o-fuzz as seen in many low income households across the U.S. . In it's heyday millions of young American children learned valuable life lessons from cuddly bunnies eating other bunnies, and kittens......... those damned kittens. a favorite among the 3 to comatose bracket was the sponge thing hungry-man happy hour, though it was canceled when its writers ran out of friends for the main character to eat. In their defense they made an additional 5 episodes of the main character standing alone in the dark, ratings plummeted.