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Demonoid is a torrent site that aims to be private. However, it being the biggest and most popular tracker out there next to The Pirate Bay, all you need to do to get in is ask a random non-FBI agent for an invite. In some cases, it'll give up and allow public registration, but then it will regain faith and restrict the registration to invites again.

Demonoid runs on a custom tracker software coded by a former Microsoft employee, who was fired after he released one too many programs with ten too few bugs. This employee, after being hired by Apple, assisting a mentalist in creating iTunes, and developing a mental iDisease which rendered him unable to manage two things at once, passed it on to a man named Oscar Wilde (not to be confused with the famous author), who committed suicide ten years later because he was tired of being confused with the famous author. It's current management staff is unknown at the time of writing.

The primary purpose of Demonoid is to provide free (as in beer) access to torrents, primarily for things The Man wants you to pay for. In most cases, these free versions of popular programs require special instructions to make them work, and/or will not work perfectly, but this is because of the tracker's original author's background with Microsoft.


The exclusive population of Demonoid consists of eleventy kajillion users, the largest of any exclusive population ever. Famous people, such as Sherlock Holmes, have visited the site, and having not managed to be able to get an account, didn't find anything interesting. The rest of the population insists that either there is nothing to see, or you have to see it for yourself. All of those asked by the original article author, however, seemed to believe that was he was an FBI agent and took no further business in the matter.

Ratios on Demonoid[edit]

Demonoid consists of a number of policies (such as "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "Thou Shalt Not Include Thy FBI Agents") intended to make the site work. However, a vital policy has been omitted, that of maintaining a proper ratio.

The ratios of users are represented by their balls right next to their username in places. Low ratios are red and very low, while high ratios become green, and once it's high enough, it begins to glow white. So, on Demonoid, you are capable of seeding until your balls glow with white.

However, the site takes no action against low ratios. That means people can give without taking. Which pisses off the general public.

Specific Contents[edit]

Demonoid contains categories within categories within categories. Ranging from music (of all various forms, known to "smart people" as "genres") to Macintosh games (because that category is very useful) to comic books of good and comic books of evil, Demonoid is sure to have something you might be interested in. Maybe.

Fall and Rise of Demonoid[edit]

Demonoid fell sometime in late 2009, which shocked every part of the world that gave a damn. Some trolls speculated that the site would never return, however this was disproven by Jesus, who decided a good birthday present for himself would be to bring Demonoid back with minimal loss. The whole population screamed with joy.