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Detective Conan was originally a perverted detective's story centering around Detective Conan "O'Brien" Edogawa. However it was later changed to Pimp Master Conan by the good people at FUNImation due to copyrights or some shit. The creator of the series has since sued FUNI for fuckin' up the story.

Main Characters[edit]

Conan "Pimp Master O'Brien" Edogawa

The pimp of this little story. He seeks a legendary drug called 2h0t4u Which can make anyone look like popular TV star Jim Belushi. Although he appears as a 7 year old boy he's actually 17 and has a hot girlfriend named Rachel "Ran" Moron.

Richard Moron

A pimp/detective who believes Conan is part of an illegal drug ring since he's always SO damn horny. Hates Conan for going out with his daughter who he's having an affair with.

Rachel Moron

A prostitute]][[ who fantisis/zes about sucking Conan's dick. She also studies Karate in case of rape from horny men.


An old fat man with a big nose (Not he's not Santa). He makes gadgets for Conan such as the Tranquilizer Dart and the Penis Growth Bowtie.

The Junior Prostitute Squad

Members are two gay kids and a lil' girl. The girl wants Conan to give it to her doggie style, The guys just want it.

Shonen Ai

Just as her name suggests this girl digs Shonen Ai. She usually likes making Conan have a three-way with the two males on the Junior Prostitute Squad. She also seeks the 2h0t4u drug but wants to use it to look like Jennifer Lopez. Why you ask? No one knows...

Billy the Kid

A little kid who dreams of being a criminal. It's said he does this to track down the guys who raped his sister although nothing is certain.

The White Coat organization

A group of people who want to get Conan off the streets and into the nut house. It's uncertain why. Conan belives they have the 2h0t4u drug.

The Plot[edit]

The plot is about 400+ episodes long. It's all about Conan and his hos. Sometimes Conan must solve a difficult case that usually has to do with a dead prostitute. The motive is usually always rape.

Conan's "Gadgets"[edit]

Every Pimp has to have his own sets of gadgets right? This is alist of Conan's

  • Penis Enlargement Bowtie ( Has a nifty and unique function where you can make your penis whatever size you want it. Conan use it a lot for knocking out Richard Moron.)

  • Tranquilizer Dart (Perfect for knocking out those hos who want nothing to do with you.)

  • X-Ray glasses (Lets Conan see through womens' clothes. He does it a lot too. And I MEAN a lot.)

  • Super Tricked Out Skateboard (Has the power to attract many hos. It's just Conan's skateboard with rims on the wheels. That's it. It's not one of Dr. Tenma's creations. Leave me alone.)

  • 2h0t4u (The Drug Conan seeks to obtain. Is mentioned since Conan's going to get it anyways.)

Conan's Hos[edit]

The following is a list of Conan's hos. His hos are:

  • Amy Rose
  • Rachel Moron
  • Kagome
  • That irritating girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • The Junior Prostritute Squad
  • Tohru Honda
  • Anyone from Bleach

And Last but not least...

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (They aren't all females just to let you know)


Conan has been involved in several political scandals saying he may be bisexual because of his hos being not just females. When asked Conan replied "What? Those guys aren't gals? Oh well..". The world may never know.