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“Are we not men? NO! We are Devo, stupid.”

~ Devo on Men
Biographical information

Akron, Ohio

Physical description





1.7 meters

Hair color

Brown and silky

Eye color

hot pink

Chronological and political information

1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and so forth, and so on, etc., etc...


Virgin Records, "Bob"


Devo (pronounced DEE-vo, dee-VO, "DEVO", "DEV-O", dEEVo, DVO, DEE-VEE-EEE-OH, vO-dE, De-vo, Dove-O, D-Vo, d-vo, Dove, Dee-vee-dee-doh, Deh-Vo, or |)-3---\/--0--) is a rock band born in a rubber factory in Ohio, and was known for many hits almost identical to ones made by Styx. Far superior to the continent of Greenland in virtually every fashion, and far more entertaining to listen to, Devo was formed by famed song-writing trio Mark Mothersbaugh, John Lennon, and their respective glasses. Their first album released in the United States, Q: Would You Like Fries With That? A:We Are Devo Q: No, Really, Would You Like Fries With That? A: What? Q: WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT? A: WE ARE DEVO! rocketed them up Uranus. Their music was known for its brutal guitar licks, generous use of jet-engines, and percussion that sounded like an AM radio with bad transistors.

Once their position as the greatest band ever was firmly cemented, Devo was able to experiment with their music and style, soon gathering a mass cult of worshippers. Through their refusal to re-evaluate the Yuan, Devo was able to become a major economic powerhouse, third only to Coca-Cola and the United States. Soon, aided by defecting Russian scientists, Devo tested their first atomic weapon in 1964. Using these weapons, they invaded the Indian subcontinent and reclaimed the region of Kashmir. Then: tragedy struck the band, as they accidentally dropped an atomic bomb on the college quad during a raging keg party. This incident is now referred to as the Kent State massacre.

Currently, Devo recently made the front cover of the New York Times for the six millionth time when Jim Mothersbaugh (absolutely no relation to Mark Mothersbaugh) was launched into outer-space to serve as Earth's ambassador to the Celestial Federation of Godlike Entities. Mark has already purchased the Atlantic Ocean which he plans to have removed for his new tennis court, and has stated that he is seriously considering becoming a mime.

As the band ages, however, the members have begun the arduous process of transferring their multimedia empire to Japanese start-up, Polysics, though the process was eventually abandoned due to the language barrier, and advances in geriatric medicine.


Far superior to the continent of Greenland.
Devo, saluting General Boy (not pictured) after his arrival at Devo headquarters.

The name "Devo" came from Charles Darwin's long lost book, "What the Fuck Was I Thinking?" when he disproved his earlier theory of evolution and gave evidence that the human race was genetically engineered by a godlike race from Xinjiang, China. Mark Mothersbaugh paid tribute to Darwin by quoting a line from the book into the song "Jocko Homo" when he sang, "God made man, but he used a monkey to do it."

Bill Gates modeled the Microsoft corporation from old Devo videos.

Devo is not affiliated with the Church of the Subgenius in any way, shape, or form; nor have they paid their $20 to JR "Bob" Dobbs so their souls could be leased for safe-keeping.

Devo's "Whip It" was played in the last scene of "Monty Python's Life of Brian" and during the sex tape Rob Lowe produced with two teenage girls during the 1988 Republican Convention.

Devo single-handedly fought the New York Dolls in a steel-cage match refereed by Andre The Giant. Devo emerged victorious and took the Dolls as their wives. This incident is later referred to in the hit Tony Danza film, "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers".

They also fought against The Residents and the war went on for about 5 months, which eventually ended in six collaborative albums and a series of short films showing Bob Casale and Mr. Skull performing a Russian Reversal.

Devo took over the world by starting the War of Devolution. Their ally was Spain, but in order to hide the fact that Devo and Spain are now the kings of the world, they changed all the history books to say that France won.

What To Do Upon Ingestion of Devo[edit]

  1. 3 - Order in some pizza or Chinese.
  2. 2 - Light up a bowl of frop, or do some kitten huffing
  3. 1 - Sit back and enjoy the ride.