Dick and Jerry in da Bungalow

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Jerry gets a pie in the face!

“Where do I fit in with all of this?”

~ James May on Dick and Jerry in da Bungalow

Dick and Jerry in da Bungalow was a programme that started in 2003 as a response to many children finding Top Gear entertaining. The controller of the CBBC channel thought it would be a great idea to take two of the presenters (Richard "Dick" Hammond & Jeremy "Jerry" Clarkson) and throw them in a Bungalow (actually Studio 23) together. The two presenters get on with the stuff they would normally do in Top Gear but without the boring business of talking about cars, or indeed, Lamp posts.

Annoying the Public[edit]

Some games involve going out onto the street and pestering the public.

One involves a person you've never seen before, who boards a bus with a CD player. We'll assume he hasn't paid for a ticket due to the "unique" way the BBC is funded. This desperate-to-get-on-TV person tries to start a sing-song. Players |have to guess how many people he can Happy Slap before he is thrown off the bus or beaten up by kids in hoodies.

Antoher involves both Dick and Jerry in a race in a Random High Street. Where the first one to reach the other end wins. Jerry has to plead with the public to give him money to buy petrol for his Ford GT. Usually 1 gallon will help him move 4 metres. and when his car breaks down, he has to use his donkey (see below). Dick meanwhile has to get volunteers to gather enough trees to build a Morgan. Once one has been hand-crafted, he can usually drive 50 metres before the car falls apart from the woodworm. Then he needs to find more volunteers and trees to build another car.

A hugely popular game which is imitated by kids across the land is called "I drive a Hyundai Matrix and i'm proud of it!" The rules of the game are simple. Each person takes it in turns to shout "I drive a Hyundai Matrix and i'm proud of it!" louder and louder until one person bottles out or one person is not as loud as the other. Both Dick and Jerry tend to struggle at this game as they cannot bear the shame of saying they own a Hyundai Matrix in fromt of members of the public.

Bungalow Heads[edit]

Each Saturday, Dick And Jerry allow six children or Bungalow Heads into the bungalow. Children are attracted by the fact that one of them is a hamster (and all kids love a hamster) and the other one has some donkeys, which all have terminal flatulance.

Hamster entertains the bungalow heads by getting in his wheel and running around the floor. However, hamster has not been able to do this recently because he was involved in an accident while using a jet powered wheel. Hamster has made a good recovery and hopes to entertain the children again soon.

Jerry entertains the children by showing the kids his donkey. On some occasions, bungalow heads have been allowed to feed or stroke the donkeys. Jerry says he likes it best when the kids fight the donkeys.

After the cameras stop rolling, the bungalow heads are forced to do hard labour, like cleaning Jerry's cars and feeding hamster.

On the directors cut edition of the limted edition DVD of the show the dynamic duo attempt to shape their penis heads like a bungalow, although are almost too successful in doing so.

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